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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by 051100xx, May 14, 2008.

  1. hey guys new to this forum but not new to bikes i have been riding since 1984 and am now the proud owner of a 2005 BLACKbird

    previous bikes include

    1982 gsx 250 ------ twin ,blew it up
    1978 cb 400 -------- crashed it real bad
    old gsx 1100 ------- esd, total beast
    1985 gsx 740------ esd ,bucket of bolts
    1986 gsxr 750------- my first race rep bought it new
    1986 gpz 750------ turbo, too much technology too early
    1985 gpz900------- awesome bike and i would still buy another
    1982 cb900 f------- total rubbish
    1992 cbr 900 rrn-----180,000+ k's never missed a beat
    1996 cbr900 rrp------84,000k's only sold it to buy a blackbird
    1992 gsxr1100m----- this bike rocked but was like driving my truck and trailer when it came to corners
    jdm trx 850 yamaha--never again ever 3 sets of rings in 50,000k's
    1999 cbr1100xx-----sold this as my licence points were getting too high
    1998 vtr 1000 -------nah nothing special don't really like twins

    moved to Australia from NZ 9 months ago and bought
    my current BLACKbird the fastest coloured one in black

    i am a member of a few other forums both in australia and overseas mainly relating to the blackbird or honda products

    mods to my blackbird include

    corbin seat
    power commander 3 with custom map
    full akrapovic 4-1 with titanium can
    k&n filter
    tom tom rider v2 gps fitted

    my hobbies include rc cars and helicopters +making my bike go faster and getting older without growing up (now 40 with the mental age of a 25 year old )
  2. I think you left out you shoe size and sexual preference :LOL:
    Oh, and Wilkommen
  3. Welcome, I'm sure you'll like this place better than all those NZ forums... we all know what goes on over there.

    Now thats someone we can all aspire to be!

    I was in fact referring to the beautiful scenery in New Zealand and the lack of members on NZ forums due to everyone being outside. I bet you all thought I was talking about something else now, didn't you :p
  4. Welcome to Netrider :).
  5. Wow a mental age of 25 :shock: . Thats a lot better that some of the netrider males :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Welcome aboard
  6. inc me, as im 20 :p

    im fairly new to Mr. 051100xx

    (theyre all nuts!!!!!!!!!)

    Id like to try RC helicopter but can just about get to grips with an RC plane, so not really any hope!
  7. cheers for the welcome guys

    have been lurking for a while now and thought i better join in and talk some bullsh1t along with everyone else :LOL:

    i once owned a car and it was the worst year of my life(wrx sti subaru)
    it may of been fast and handled well but it still got stuck in traffic
    only ever ridden bikes apart from this one year

    is it me or are aussie car drivers all slightly unstable or are they compensating for a small body part as they seem to be some of the worst drivers in the world and can't stand to be passed by a bike

    now i have driven in the usa ,london,nz,japan,and the only people worse than the aussie driver seems to be in india

    again cheers for the welcome
  8. Hey Welcome :grin:

    Check out the Qld Rides for the How Many Blackbirds in a Row Ride in August - you'd be Number 12 if you can make it!!

    Cheers, Carol
  9. Welcome to NR !
  10. take it touve not been to Italy? full of nutcases in cars!
  11. Just wait 'till you get a load of Melbourne drivers!

    Welcome to NR. :)
  12. hi and welcome to NR