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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by hokeefe79, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. G'day!

    Just joined the forum, although I've been lurking for a couple of years now.

    I live in Sydney. I'm riding a GS500 at the moment, but looking at a new bike in the new year. Maybe a SV 1KS. Love them. Love naked bikes, but after riding to Canberra the other day in high winds I'm thinking a fairing wouldn't go astray.

    Looking forward to meeting some netriders soon.
  2. Welcome aboard ... pull up a chair and enjoy ... I'm a newbie too ... just got me a Suzuki M50 ... how long have you been riding ?

  3. Welcome :)

    I've got the little brother of what you're looking at hehe. See you around (whereabouts are you? You can put your location in your profile)
  4. Welcome Stubbsy.

    Noticed your interested in the spanner day....it should be a good day & you'll get to meet a few more NR's. Will be great to see you on the day.

    The new year is just around the corner so that upgrade might just sneek up on you :LOL:

    If you wanna join in & meet a heap of greta people check out the NSW ride & events....you'll always find something happening.

    In the meantime, enjoy your riding & be safe.
  5. Cheers for the welcome.

    Mike, I've been riding for about two years now. Haven't done a lot of k's yet, as I've been travelling, and I was shit scared for about the first six months I was riding.

    Kim, thanks for the welcome. Really looking forward to Saturday See you then!
  6. We've all been there mate ... but we never stop learning ... every corner is a new challenge.