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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Goose63, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. G'day all, based in the sutherland shire, riding a 96 ZX7R, and work as a rescue paramedic for the ambualnce service... please don't jump on me if one of my colleagues cut your leathers off once :grin:

  2. Welcome, we welcome all sorts of people here, even those from 'The Shire' :LOL:.
  3. Thank you hornet, I see your not so far away from Gods country yourself! :)
  4. Grew up in the Shire, mate, where the big Kindergarten is now on Captain Cook Drive, and went to School at Caringbah North!! We used to race our billy-carts down the driveway of the Drive-In Theatre in Willarong Road; that's Harvey Norman's now.
  5. Which Shire are you from?? There's quite a few!! :)

    And welcome, I hope you have fun, and learn a lot! *and teach us a lot too!! :D*


  6. Welcome mate............I've got this pain in the................. :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Welcome to Netrider Goose63! :grin:
  8. Welcome Goose

    I am happy to see an ambo get on board.

    I had an accident in June and broke my back. Your colleagues were fantastic and I couldn't thank them enough. Thanks to them and the other doctors I am now back on a bike again having the time of my life.

    See you on the road sometime andhopfully not when you are working :grin:
  9. Thank for the warm welcome folks, glad to hear your on the mend Matrix.
  10. Welcome Goose, saw your posts on the Brekkie Torque thread good info there.....I'm on the cusp of the shire... and thats about as close as I wanna get! :LOL: :LOL: See you on one of many of the NR rides.. :cool:

    BTW how come your posts are in blue? :grin:
  11. ^ Sorry, are they blue?