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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by seanske, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. shout outs to VTRBob who liked to watch me suffer lol j/k

    hey my names sean residing in blacktown

    recently got a NSR150SP but its nearly on the outs

    great to see i've found a place for information + community.

    Cheers guys.
  2. Welcome, Sean. What's the options for you if you bale out of the two-stroke arena?
  3. mate i love the 2 strokes to be honest
    but yeh i didn't have a choice with this bike..because i bought it off a mate..

    its got 48,000 on the dial ...i just spent 900 on it for a major service ...so i'm hoping it will last this year...

    if i had to make a decision to buy another learner bike..i'd probably get the cheapest pos i can find til that year is up and get a 600

    ...btw i study design computing @ sydney uni..currently in my last semester..
    anyone doing anything similar?
  4. you payed 900bucks for a fcuking major service and come out with loose steering head? take it back to the ****s and get em to sort it out.
    haha, youre at sydney! :p
    im at new south doing anatomy& town planning.
    do you park in the bike area next to parramatta road? ive noticed an NSR there for a while (my missus goes to sydney, so im there far more often than i'd like to admit :p :LOL: )
  5. Welcome.

    Major service sounding more like engine rebuild than major service for that $$$$
  6. hey, welcome to the site, im new and just starting to find all the great info available, hope you enjoy it too! :grin:
  7. nah i rarely commute to the city..the ride is too long