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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by xj750, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Just started lurking,reading the posts about roads I remember from the past.Grew up in Mt Druitt rode up and down and all around the Blue Mountains as soon as I had a bike went through a few over the years CB250 learnt to be a muckanic on that bike twin leading shoe drum on the front,VT250 next up went really well for its size and time then started making this knocking noise{14000rpm ignition cut out whats that for oh thats why}took it to 3 yes 3 mechanics 2 of them Honda dealers all flat refused to look at it after listening to the knock B@$tards.Mate says pull it apart what have you got to lose?Allright says I bingo bent valve woohoo from memory cost about $14 + beer and forever distrust mechanics.Put it back together straight to Brian Collins at Kingswood I think it was traded it on a 82 XJ750 loved that bike did 40000Kms on that bike in one year looking back I obviously didnt do much else except ride it.Only left me stranded once at a little place called Moonbi near Tamworth I think,been riding for 6 hours in pouring rain and the coils were saturated didnt know enough to look.Had a dog that rode with me at the time think she was relieved when the bike wouldnt start.Sorry to take up so much space didnt realise I was starting a novel anyway currently riding 83 XJ750 seem to fix it more often than I ride it family keeps the dollars down.Thanks for listening {reading?}look forward to getting to know you all.

  2. Welcome to netrider xj750.

    I'm a big fan of bikes built in the eighties. So how about parking some pics in the netrider garage sometime soon.
  3. Welcome. Expect to see you at coffee on Saturdays at the Mean Fiddler sometime soon. Check out the Ride and Event announcements..
  4. Welcome to the nuthouse.. :grin: