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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by HASASFA, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. G'day :cool:

  2. A little more detail, please?
  3. So HASASFA, g'day.

    Happy Birthday and welcome all in one!

    Want to tell us a bit about yourself or are you just a bit shy like myself? What type of bike to you ride? Where do you live? What does HASASFA stand for?
  4. Thanks Dom well picked up :wink:

    Hear All See All Say F**k All :wink:
  5. What?

    Hear All See All Say F**k All

    was asked what it meant :cool:
  7. See Profile :wink:
  8. Truly worthy of being ignored! :mad:
  9. And I am supposed to shed a tear :?:

    And who are you?

    it is all in my profile as I said :wink:
  10. Welcome HASASFA :)
  11. Thanks Pinkxie :wink:
  12. Errr.... hi HASASFA......

    You know a fair portion of this country's perimeter could be described as "the beach"...?

    If you happen to be a "Beach Bum" at one of Victoria's many beaches, maybe I'll see you on a VIC ride sometime...

    Welcome to Netrider, have a nice day! :)
  13. Errr....hi Dot,

    I am and I prolly will :wink:

    thank you and you have a nice one too :grin: