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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by caterz, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    newbie chick from Geelong just introducing myself. got my L's in december last year, booked in to do licence course in april. Ride a 97 zzr 250. Been trying to ride around as much as I can. Work in Melbourne, so taken it up the freeway a few times. Geez I was so sore after the first time I did that lol. Just the effect of hanging on in the wind I guess.

    Anyway, I came across this website awhile ago, and have been scouring it, so many good tips, etc. Hope I can get along to group ride sometime. :)
  2. welcome newbie chick from geelong good luck with the Ps test in april
  3. Hi caterz, welcome to the fold. :)
  4. Welcome indeed :).
  5. Welcome caterz :grin:
  6. welcome to the forums....
  7. Welcome!
  8. Welcome caterz :biker:
  9. :grin: haha yeah i completely agree with you there, i found the forums a couple of weeks ago and its choccas with the good stuff :grin:

    welcome to NR :p
  10. Welcome caterz, good choice of bike. :grin:
  11. Welcome to the forums Caterz :grin:
  12. Welcome caterz.
    Yes, definitely come to a group ride - lots of fun! And all the best for your licence. Let us know how you go
  13. Yay! Another chicky rider. Welcome! :grin:
  14. Got my license! yay! No more L plate! :)
  15. Congrats indeed!! Burn that yellow plastic!! :LOL:

    I'll be going for mine in a few weeks, any tips? Did you have any issues/difficulties. How many points? Tell me all!! :LOL:
  16. Always repeat to yourself..."Don't predict the lights, don't predict the lights, don't predict the lights" :)

    Keep that in mind, and you'll be fine sarz :)

    Oh...and it's a bit late, but welcome caterz ;)
  17. I had an lplate burning party and pissup. Was a great day... and a pretty good night too.... hope you have as much fun.
  18. another delayed welcome

    there is a great group ride coming up between the vic/nsw/act members on the queens bday long weekend check out vic ride and events for details if interested
  19. Yay congrats for passing your test! The big question though I love to ask, did anyone in your group fall off during the training or test and how did it happen?