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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by [swifty], Dec 11, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, i'm new to the show here...
    Been heavily influenced by Port80 (My Boss) to finally get a bike and this forum came with high reccomendation... hopefully i'll get to see some of you guys at Monday night coffee (when i get a bike, hopefully sooner rather than later)
    so... cheers!!

  2. Welcome swifty.

    Any idea of what bike you're after?
  3. I pleed not guilty your honour. :grin:
  4. Welcome Swifty. :grin:
  5. Hi Swifty. Welcome to Netrider! Obviously the bug has taken hold of you. Go out and make it happen so you can come riding with us!
  6. Welcome Swifty, hope you enjoy the experience.
  7. Hi Swifty. Enjoy the forum and the bike (when you get it).
  8. yeah, got a near new GPX lined up... hopefully i'll get her on sunday :)
  9. Cool - make sure you post some pics if you get her :)

  10. Hey there and welcome :)
  11. Welcome Shifty Swifty Noob. :p
  12. Welcome aboard, hope you get the right bike for you !!