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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by lotus7, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. Hello forum,

    Been lurking for a while (par for the norm) and decided to 'out myself and say hello. Based in Melbourne, always been meaning to drop in on one of those coffee sessions but cant seem to sneak out of work early enough.

    Riding an Aprilia RS250 - my Italian mistress (at least, its as difficult and as expensive as I imagine one would be...).

    I recognise a name or two on here (or at least think I do), so I will have to wait for 5 messages to send a pm and find out.


  2. Welcome & enjoy the forum.
  3. Welcome, you and Aprilia girl with get on just fine :D :D
  4. welcome and enjoy your time in the forums
  5. Hi there and welcome.

    :D :D
  6. G'day Lotus7.

    Sounds like your taste in cars is as good as it is in bikes!
  7. Welcome Lotus7
  8. Hi lotus7 , welcome .
  9. Welcome Lotus7 and to your "Italian mistress"....Still, I think the Aprilia would cost less to maintain, be more fun to take out for the day and worth every cent :wink:

    Firestorm. :D :) :D :) :D
  10. Thanks for the greets

    Yes, the alias implies yet another toy which is un bike related - glad to see someone recognised it. Probably as close as you will get to a four wheeled motor bike short of the Ariel Atom.

    The Aprilia has proved to be a great bike for me - I got it as my first learner bike as it was the only 250 sports bike I could fit on (being 6'4'') - I couldnt even get my feet onto the pegs of a CBR. The fact it had more power than the other 250's had nothing to do with it.

    Yes, she is a whicked mistress. She has a bad drinking habit, both premium juice and top shelf oil. It takes at least 5 minutes of careful attention to get her going and she has a habit of leaving clouds of what my friends refer to as "lawn mower" fumes. Once she is going though, its a whole new world.

    I reacently went and had a sit on all the current model bikes. It was interesting to note that the only bikes I fit on were the latest GSXR1000 and the ducati 999 models. All the others have either a fuel tank - knee or a fairing - knee collision. Pity about the price on the Duke...


  11. G'day Lotus7. Welcome! :)
  12. welcome :p

    My italian princess is called Stefania. 8) :wink:
  13. You're 6 foot 4 and drive a Lotus 7? :shock: :shock: :shock:
  14. Welcome to the jungle!! Nice bike you have there. And as for bike selection go check out a 12 or a bird(that ones for you steve :D ).
  15. Hi Lotus7! Welcome!
  16. houdy and welcome

    Cheers 8)
  17. Hello and welcome aboard :D

    Stay safe

  18. 6'4'' and a Lotus 7

    Yes, its a challenge. First you have to take off your shoes, stand in the seat and slide down. Be careful to not get your feet behind the pedals, because you will be stuck. Get used to using your big toe to press the accelerator, be careful not to press the break at the same time. Good stuff!

    Incidentally, I am modifying the footwell to get another few precious inches of leg room. Also looking to replace the current "seat" (and I use that term losely) with some high density foam stuff to get a bit more room at the back. The "seat" is really just a cushion, Colin Chapman wasnt big on fancy heavy stuff.

    Great fun cage since it corners like nothing else.

    I looked at the ZX12, the busa and the bird... they are all too heavy coming from a lightweight italian. Maybe if they do some more development and drop say 40kg... Ive only started to consider 4 strokes recently when they really started to cut the weight down - 166kg for a GSXR1000 is not too shabby. 230kg+ for a busa... no thanks.

    Bike is also my escape route from the CBD at peak time, so im quite happy with the svelt nature of the RS allowing me to cut through the traffic at the lights quite nicely.

    Spent this morning topping up oils, cleaning fairings, checking chains... now its time to go on the hunt for the elusive premium go juice then head off into the hills.

    Have a good one!