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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by daviesj1313, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. I stumbled across NR a couple of days ago whilst researching some bike gear and thought what a great way to learn more about the bike scene and share some of my own experiences.

    So a little bit about myself. I rode a lot of trail many years ago, but never took to the road. I have always had the urge and for one reason or another, never got around to it. I am excited to say I finally did it. Got my L’s a couple of months ago and brought my first road bike a couple of days ago. After a lot of research and shopping around, I choose the Kawasaki Ninja 300 and I am stoked with my choice.

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  2. Welcome to Netrider Jamie :)
  3. Welcome Jamie. I'm sure you'll have a hoot on that 300.
    You mentioned you were researching some bike gear, do you mean riding gear ?
  4. Welcome mate :cool: The ninja is a good bike :)
  5. Thanks. Yes, riding gear. I was trying to find out more about RJays, in particularly where the product is made. They state "Race bred in Australia" turns out made in China.I ended up buying RJay helmet, jacket and gloves. Still happy with what I got for the price I paid. I spent a bit more on the bike than anticipated.
  6. Cool. It's important to have good quality riding gear mate. Need to keep protected.
    I cringe when I see muscle bound morons in singlets getting around. Numb Skulls in my mind.
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  7. welcome aboard :)
  8. Welcome to NR - it's a great resource for info and has been amazing to me in a practical aspect. OzYoda and lots of other volunteers run free practice sessions at Homebush which I found invaluable in passing the 'MOST' and gaining my 'P' plate.
    I have met a lot of amazing people here and shared in their stories vicariously through the forum and shared some of mine.
    I laughed out loud as I read, 'I spent a bit more on the bike than anticipated"... 'cos that's me to a tee...
    cheers Fred :)
  9. Yeah, I agree. I really wanted to buy Dainese or Alpinestar and a Shark helmet, but the budget did stretch that far. The RJay gear wasn't too cheap and nasty. I paid at the high end of their price range and it looks to be about the middle range in terms of overall safety and quality.
  10. Hahaha...I fell in love with the Ninja as soon as I saw it. I originally had my heart set on a cruiser (used). Thanks for mentioning the practice sessions at Homebush, I'll have to look into it....I'm definitely not as ready as I thought I was.
  11. Welcome to the forum mate.

    You should never buy all expensive name brand stuff to start off with, since when you start out you buy what you THINK you need.

    As you gain experience you learn what you really need and what works for you.

    I own about 4 jackets of which the last two are perfect (one winter one summer). 5 pairs of gloves and counting.
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  12. gday daviesj1313daviesj1313 and welcome to NR - apart from the postie bike the Ninja 300 had the highest sales of all road bikes in Oz in 2015 - great choice!

  13. Cool, interesting stats. The Ninja 300 had heaps of good reviews. The Harley Street 500 was hit n miss and I would of thought the CBR500 would of been in the top 3, it had good review too.
  14. Thanks for the advice. Makes me feel better that I didn't go out and spend a fortune on riding gear. Some stores try and guilt trip you into going all out. Cheers.
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  15. Aloha daviesj1313daviesj1313 ! You'll find much cool stuff in this forum , for they're a great bunch :)

    Congrats on taking the step towards a license and getting your beastie! Welcome to an expensive hobby lol

    See if you can meet up with the Sydney-siders for a group ride and practice - you won't regret it!
  16. Welcome to NR....

    I always spend more than I anticipate on bike related things such as jackets, helmets, Gloves, pants/jeans..

  17. Thanks. I can see already they're good bunch. Lots of welcomes, good advice and Fred the Mudfrog has recommended I catch up with a group to practise with at Homebush. They also do rides, so looking forward to meeting up with them ;)
  18. Welcome to NR, passed through your home town on the way up Blaxland yesterday!

    I have two friends with Ninja 300's, certainly popular, one loves his, the other wishes he could stay on his :facepalm:
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