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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Geppo, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. Howdy everyone, my name is steve, i ride a 2015 MT-09 TRACER , so far i've fitted a full Akropovic exhaust,k&n air filter , and had an ecu flash tune done, so much fun now, oh and I'm from Jimboomba ,Brisbane south.

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  2. Welcome Steve, Many MT09 riders report throttle snatch on run off, to do with the overrun fuel cutoff. Has your ECU flash remedied that problem?

    By the way I had to look up Jimboomba, it sounded like a euphemism for something ;)
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  3. welcome aboard :)
  4. Hey, so I fitted an o2 controller to sort out the closed loop surging , which makes the bike near impossible to ride through school zones or 60kmh zones in standard form, that made a massive difference, the flash tune has made the bike so much more rideable, the throttle control in all modes is really good now, the overrun cutoff has been altered and its brilliant, the cooling fans come on at 104 deg from factory , now 96 deg, the bloke who did mine has custom maps that he's built on a dyno on the gold coast to suit our fuel. The bike is awesome now, love it.
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  5. i will happily pass on the contact details of the flash tuner ,he also makes the 02 controller. He's based in Brisbane
  6. Welcome Geppo,

    Rode by Jimboomba on way to Canungra late this morning - good biking roads down your way. Few of us Brissy and surrounds folk are getting some more regular rides together these days which are fun.
  7. Welcome to Netrider Steve!
  8. Hey there Steve, welcome to NR.

    Jimboomba now that used to be a nice quiet part of the world........
  9. Welcome, and thanks for sharing that useful info too....
  10. Welcome to NR.. .

    Nice bike there...
  11. Welcome. Hope you enjoy
  12. thanks mate, its a beast
  13. Hey bud, yeh it's a good spot
  14. Hi Steve, Can you send me the details of the guy who does the cpu. Thanks
  15. Zombie thread resurrected...

    gday GeppoGeppo Steve not sure if you're still around but welcome
  16. Welcome GeppoGeppo from another SE QLDer! :)

    Some awesome riding roads round the area- especially the lions road & round Wyaralong dam - happy riding in the sun!
  17. Welcome to NR from Adelaide.