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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by maurice, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. Hi there,
    Just wanted to say hi. I'm returning to riding after a 8 year break (personal reasons), and I'm looking forward to arguing about all things bike :)

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  2. Welcome to Netrider and back to two wheels. You'll have great difficulty getting an argument here, we're all lovely-dovey and agreeable!
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  3. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  4. G'day MauriceMaurice, welcome to Netrider. Do you have a motorcycle now or are you in the hunt for one?
  5. Looking for one to buy. Budget $7500. Looking at '09 and '10 VFR800Fs.
  6. Hi mauricemaurice do they call you the gangsta of lurve as well?
    Welcome no arguing about bikes n stuff allowed here on NR never ever ever... ever. ;)
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  7. XJ6NXJ6N I just had to get a bit of Steve Miller on here somewhere and mauricemaurice was just begging for it... :)
    I am a joker, but not a midnight toker but I do like to get my lovin on the run... too much?
  8. You don't say...it seems everywhere I turn lately the VFR series gets a very favourable mention (and for good reason) and they've made my shortlist for the next bike I buy too - excellent value at that price you're looking at too. Will be interested to know how you go and what you get.
  9. No! :p
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  10. Oh god, that song. I'd gone a few years without it being mentioned.... a few, pleasant, enjoyable years...
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  11. Sorry...too much vine tonight...believe me, the devil made me do it...sorry mr mauricemaurice
    Won't mention it ever ever again but gawd I do love that song...on my favourite riding list :)
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  12. Welcome to the jungle..
  13. Well how about this one then: upload_2015-7-10_23-37-36.
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  14. Jason should change the name of the Welcome Lounge to The Madhouse!!!! :LOL:
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  15. Hi mauricemaurice, continuing on OldmaidOldmaid's theme:

    Bicycle bicycle bicycle
    I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle
    I want to ride my bicycle
    I want to ride my bike
    I want to ride my bicycle
    I want to ride it where I like
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  16. Welcome aboard :]
  17. hello and welcome :)
  18. My definition of "too much vino" includes "not being able to use a keyboard" :)
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