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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jondalar, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    Just joined today. Haven't got a bike yet or bike licence, looking to rectify that over the coming weeks, hopefully with some good advice from on here.

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  2. Welcome. It's amazing how joining NR helps motivate you. It took me from 1st January when I decided to finally go for it to owning a bike by January 15 and going for learners very soon.

    Jondalar.....sounds familiar....
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  3. Thanks Goldenberri, now I just need to decide what helmet to get so I can start the learning process. Anyone have thoughts about the ratings on crash org au?

  4. I'll let the more experienced here answer that question. Maybe you could search the forums to see if there's anything posted?

    Jondalar. The Valley of the Horses. Very noble character...if that's where you got it from :bookworm:.
  5. Welcome.
  6. Thanks for the welcome Hornet. Yes Goldenberri that's where I got the name from. I've been searching, will continue :)
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  7. JondalarJondalar welcome to the forum.

    What helmet to get will ultimately come down to budget, and how it fits your head.

    We could ramble on about brands and how awesome they are but you just can't beat going to a place like Peter Stevens or a local bike shop and just trying on a few and walking around for a few minutes with one to see if there are any stress points (helmet pushing into your forehead or giving you a slight headache etc)

    In saying that, there is also the style to consider .. do you want open face, flip up, full face etc..

    We can certainly offer advice based on what gear we have, if its too windy , fogs too easily and so on so feel free to ask as many questions as you'd like, we are here for this very reason..

    Sharing knowledge and making everyone a better rider!

    All the best
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  8. Welcome to the forum. Word of warning - bikes are HIGHLY addictive substances and will lead to constant cravings and daydreaming.

    You have been warned.
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  9. Ah shit this one again!! See plenty posts in the last month, but most important to try on first before buying! Don't buy online without having tried on that model elsewhere first as it may not fit your head!
  10. Welcome to NR...

    Just remember different helmets have different fits and comfort levels So try on a few brands and see which one fits best.

    If you wear glasses then again there are various brands that are better than others..

    Best of luck..
  11. welcome aboard :] when it comes to gear and bikes try em all on for size, and remember to check out the specials or superceded gear sections at the bike stores for those extra special bargains.

    Also Check out places like AMX superstores, I've gotten both my helmet's from them or bikersgear Australia (VIC) 2 jackets from here
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  12. Thanks for the advice, I didn't mean to rehash things already discussed over and over.

  13. No worries mate! Enjoy getted kitted out...
  14. You will most probably buy gear now, find out in the first rainstorm what you should have bought, buy some more, see some end of financial year specials and buy some more, stumble upon the Aldi yearly bikers gear bonanza and end up with even more.

    Never ends mate, never ends.
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