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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by foxmcscrooge, Jul 20, 2014.

  1. Hello all. Looks like a great forum. I've got a 1996 NSR250 MC28 currently undergoing a restoration (nearly done), 2011 KTM200EXC and I've still got my very first bike, a DT200R which is also undergoing a restoration (not sure why it still won't be worth any more than a thousand bucks no matter what I spend on it). You could say I'm a two stroke fan but my next bike will definitely be a four stroke ;-)

  2. Welcome mate, have fun.
  3. Thanks. Will do.
  4. Welcome to NR ! What part of Oz are you from ?
  5. From Brisbane.
  6. 22° and sunny today ? Lucky people !
  7. Well it would be if I were there. Currently I'm sitting at an altitude of 2750m on a mountain in the PNG Highlands. Definitely no paved roads up here although the off roading looks promising. It's damn cold and wet though.
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  8. Tip: Putting your location in your public profile sometimes helps others answer your questions and include you in things local to your area.
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  9. Yes I can be a little slow on occasion but I just rectified my oversight.
  10. No worries mate, just trying to help.
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