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Gday >:)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by - >:( -, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Hello, Just Joining/re-joining/been a LONG time since i been on NetRider.

    Anyway, Im me, I live in Melbourne's east, and have been riding for a little over 25yrs, Ive proll nodded to some of you out their. If anyone still does :( dont get too many nod backs any more.
    Anyways, Ridin a 1983 z750 atm, had it for 3yrs ish?, bought fdor use in the 2012Scrapheap Adventure Ride. Still only running on 3.75 cyl. BUT its a Kwakka, itll go for yonks!!
    I also have a 'couple' of other steeds in the barn, getn ready for historic rego. (just taking way too long).

    Ask me questions if ya wanna know more, otherwise, ill speak to ya in the forums one day.


  2. Welcome (back) !
  3. welcome mate:)
  4. Welcome back, Ixnay oin starting a nodding thread though. :stop: :) We are looking after Smees blood pressure. ;)