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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Simple One, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    I've been lurking on here a while now, though I tend to read more than post. It was pointed out to me, that I had never introduced myself, which was rather rude of me. So, in ammends, here's my quick introduction.

    Bought my first bike in Brisbane, a DRZ400SM (which I still have) a few years ago. Mainly used it for exploring around the North and west sides of Brisbane. I particularly enjoyed some of the roads and parks up around Samford.

    I ended up moving back down to Sydney, and the DRZ came with me. I did a HARTS intermediate course with a friend on my DRZ, and the concept of closed road riding really took me. That led me to looking at supersports in the 600 class, and I was (understandably I think) seduced by a Daytona 675 - The noise from their excellent triple pretty much overrode any rationality I had - so I bought one from QLD and had it shipped to Sydney. I rode with some mates around the old Pac for quite a while, helping to keep Pie in the Sky in business.

    After a while, I ended up doing an advanced HARTS course, and I found the supersport really came into it's own on a closed road, so soon after that I did an advanced Top Rider course on the Eastern Creek South circuit. After that; I was properly hooked. I bought a Yamaha R6 track bike. I decided that for me, the sport's bikes really exist for a closed road environment, and so I've put my much loved Daytona up for sale to fund the habit.

    I don't road ride much these days, but when I do the old DRZ is always eyeing me from the stable :D

    Anyway, I hope some of the other new riders here don't hesitate to do some of the advanced riding courses that are on offer, they definitely improved my riding but more than that, they opened my eye's track riding. I've found that track riding has developed my riding skills far more quickly than what I could have done on the road, plus you get to really wind that throttle out, nothing like having it pinned the entire way through the gearbox! :D
  2. Hello, and belated welcome :)

    Good on you for chasing your heart instead of going with everyone else! It's always good to find something you enjoy.
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  3. Welcome to posting, indeed. It sounds you've found what works best for you and are busy enjoying it; that's what riding is all about!
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  4. Hello and welcome, I'll bet the track riding is heaps of fun and no need to worry about cars and trucks either.
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    Thanks for the welcome!

    Absolutely, the lack of trees, steel poles and fences is a nice bonus as well, but not having to worry about oncoming traffic, concealed roads/driveways and all the other ever present unknowns involved with road riding is quite liberating, it really leaves you to focus on just your bike and your riding.

    I won't rag on road riding to much as I do enjoy getting out and about; ultimately it can get you to some great places with some good people. I suppose that's the difference the track made for me though, it matured my approach to riding on the road, it's no longer just about the bikes or the riding; which is probably a good thing for my longevity!

    On a more important note, how are you finding that big Kato?

    They're really the the one manufacturer that keeps making bikes that are trying to steal me away from the DRZ!
    I'm thinking pretty hard about a 690 Enduro R or a 990 Adventure, combined with a set of motard wheels just for blacktop days. These bikes seem to me like they would be an incredibly versatile option, without being a poor performer in any given environment...
  6. So far it's been great, I'm out of the running in period now and can let it have its head a bit when conditions are appropriate. It makes me laugh in my helmet and think "what a machine" :) It seems very usable on the road, suspension is firm but it irons out bumps, power is there when you want it.