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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Naked6, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone, new L plater here :D

    Just bought my first bike, a 2014 ER6NL (yeah, the flash new 39kw version) in white and looking forward to joining the world of motorcycles!
  2. Welcome to NR! Where you from , bloke ?
  3. Rockhampton, QLD. Far enough north that the politicians don't bother me, and far enough south that I can swim with only a slight worry of crocs :D

    Oh, and I'm deaf, so i might not be able to hear your posts :whistle:

    Not completely! But I can't hear a damn thing on the bike.
  4. Welcome :) I just joined as well!

  5. Welcome! Did you want us to reply to your posts with caps-lock on? :D
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  6. Ty Sin :) I see you grabbed the little Repsol, that was on my short list. If I hadn't intended to keep my bike a few years I probably would have bought one too.

    Edward it's fine, just wildly gesture with odd symbols and I'll figure it out.
  7. Welcome from another (mostly) deaf bloke!
  8. You're welcome :)
    Yeah my Reps is pretty amazing :) Though I've noticed it sounds different to a ninja 300.. But I don't know much about bikes anyway :p
  9. @Dark Angel Huh? What was that?

    @Sin my bike is an ER6NL, a LAMS 650cc. My brother rides a 300, it was the first road bike I ever tried.
  10. Forget about the Ninja... the Reps has "mojo" !
  11. The orange would clash with my eyes, not sure I could pull it off.
  12. A 650.. That's pretty powerful. Will you be using it when you do your P's?
  13. It's a LAMS restricted one, so the power isn't that high. It's just very flexible and I don't have to rev it a lot. I'm 6ft4 so a 250cc just wasn't big enough.
  14. Haha! And compared to other riders I've seen on a Reps, I think I suit it pretty well :)

    I know LAMS :p
    Yeah I'm small and weak so a 250cc is enough challenge for me haha :D
    So in comparison to me, you are a giant (I'm 5'6").
    Hello up there :)
  15. Small means light, light means fast. Guess I'll just look for the orange flash.
  16. ty!
  17. Haha but big means powerful, so I think you'd win if we raced :p
  18. Oh I'm slow. More Hodor than Hulk.
  19. Hahaha! Awww your bike can't be that bad..?