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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Groove, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. Hi all, I just thought I would say g'day from Alice Springs.
    I am a newbie and don't know my way around the site very well. Any advice on creating an avatar and things would be good. :mad:

  2. Gday bloke
    what bike have ya got
  3. Welcome to the fun of netrider and more importantly motorcycles.
  4. Hi guys, I have had a few bikes in my life, the last 17 years ago was a CX500 Sport.
    On Saturday just gone I purchased a 2011 CB400. I will post some photo's later today.
    Just commuting to work most of the time but enjoying the ride so far.
    Thanks for the reply I would like to get used to reading these forums and checking out other people's rides.
  5. Thanks Dan.
  6. Where do you find twisties in Alice, and don't say the deli pleeeeease.
  7. Hi groove. Cool name. I used to have a mo like that! Hey, do you need wet weather gear where you live?
  8. Welcome, Groove!

    I'm new here (and new to riding) and found the forums absolutely great so far.

    NT - some nice open roads :)
  9. The only real twisties as you call them where there is not much traffic is way out of town, south amongst some hills. a lot of open road south, west and north. A lot go riding west of town to the gorges. The road that way in places can be a bit bumpy. Scary at speed.
  10. I suppose if you get tired of the bumpy roads, its only 1400 klms to a track day mate.

    Oh, welcome by the way!
  11. Thanks Craig. Track days are way out of reach for me.
  12. Yeah very long and some nice rides to.
    After 17 years I guess I am new to riding as well.
    Cheers bud.
  13. Yeah I was given that name by the guys at work a long time ago now everyone calls me that.
    It started off as Groova dancing and singing to the radio. I was bit of a rap dancer at school.
    As for wet weather gear here in Alice, no if you are unlucky enough to hit rain you just get a bit wet, or take something under the seat in case. It hardly ever does and even then it's just a spit. Thanks for the welcome mate.