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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by scuzzi, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Rode bikes all my life n didnt get a car licence till the kids (and she who must be obeyed) deemed it required at 27. Still took the kids to school in the sidecar though.
    Got cleaned up by a P plater when i was 35 and that stopped my 2 wheels for a bit so took up jet-skiin & quad biking and now am lookin at how i can get back on a bike/trike.

    Anyway, that should fix the reminder, and give a post to my stats i spose.

    Keep safe out there.
  2. G'day , bike/trike? What have you got in mind?
  3. dunno at the moment, love the harley trikes & kits but people steal em ya know.

    Thinking seriously about doing some distance touring.

    looked closely at the BRP Spyder because I have had a good run and some sponsorship from that company but not sure I would wanna ride one round oz and I would have to modify it anyway (pegs etc).

    The trikes (Billy conelly style) with the vw engines handle better and pull a trailer well for touring but not 100% keen on them.

    Thought about doing a complete custom build trike using my old ducati bevel drive motor but that would be years before i was back on the road. (the motor is all that's left of her)

    Apart from that, just doing my research and figuring out how to go about riding again. licence back, new laws, LAMS bikes etc etc