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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Exhumus, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Hey folks,

    I've been loitering here for a while so thought I'd sign up an introduce myself.

    I'm in my early 30s and haven't ridden since before I turned 10, where I lived on a farm and shared a bike with my brothers. Anyway, my girlfriend got it into her head to get her bike license recently and it's something I've been considering doing for the better part of a decade so it's something we've decided to do together.

    Today we had pre-learners at Allstar in Dandenong and unfortunately 1.5 hours in when right after I kicked it into 2nd gear I think I got a bit fixated on the approaching fence and wasn't turning enough. Ended up hitting the front break to avoid hitting the fence and consequently ended up underneath the CBR125. Just a couple of bruises for me but unfortunately a couple for the bike as well.


    Right up until then though I was having a blast, so much appreciation goes out to Peter for letting the missus and I sign up for another shot in a couple of weeks! Based on today alone I really recommend this place.

    In the meantime, any advice that can help me avoid another drop and probably my last chance at doing my Ls through this mob would be appreciated! :)
  2. Peter Rocks!!! i really enjoyed my time at Allstar getting my L's.. hes rough as guts but it works.. :)

    and look at it this way.. first drop is out of the way.. and on someone elses bike :) Good luck with the second attempt and as uncle Pete DRILLED into us.. Turn your head!! :)
  3. You would have been told to look in direction you are going too
    Thing is about this head direction and eyes that instructers no doubt have drilled into you -
    Its totally and completely correct
  4. Well drilled is a strong term, there was a lot of ground to cover in a relatively short time. But yeah, that's pretty much the crux of my stuff up I think.

    I'd just done a lap in 1st but either the change in the way the bike felt in 2nd spooked me, or the way I was able to steer the bike in 1st wasn't correct and just didn't cut it in 2nd. I'd probably go with the latter, I remember 2nd feeling pretty awesome before the fence got too close!

    Knee is strapped up now but should be right in a couple of days. Ah well, it'll help me learn my lesson for when I go back.
  5. Hi and welcome Exhumus, sorry to read about your "off" and hope you're healed enough to go back in a few weeks and give it another go :applause: You and your GF will be out there cruising around with big smiles on your faces in no time, good luck :)
  6. Cheers mate. Falling down by itself wasn't much of an issue, at least at the speed I was going. If only Peter's bikes were indestructible so I didn't feel like a twat for scratching it up some, though I could see I wasn't the first and I know I won't be the last.

    Impressively one thing that did survive without a scratch was my leather jacket. Very glad I jumped the gun and picked one up in advance. I've definitely aquired an early appreciation for wearing the right gear.
  7. welcome to NR, better drop a bike when learning in a controlled environment!! Dont sweat the little 'interruption' in your learning progress, you will find one thing about riding, you DONT stop learning, cause if you really think you know it all, and you ride like you do, you very well may become unstuck and it will hurt alot more then what you've just encountered. Mind you, you'll be bloody smiling from ear to ear :)
  8. Hi and welcome to NR

    Hope you heal and are back on a bike soon
  9. Knee/leg still playing up. Could be ligaments or cartilage but the docs want to wait a couple of weeks before ordering any more tests (Xrays shows no broken bones but **** all else).

    Just had to cancel our return pre-learners booking. Bloody bummed. Couple these delays with my apparent near-untrainability and it'll be 6 months before I can ride in a circle in a car park by myself!

    At least that gives me plenty of time to save to pick up a couple of bikes for the better half and I when the time finally comes.

    I'm still coming for you left-hand-turn, it'll just take a while longer than expected!
  10. Welcome to NR.

    I think it's great that both your GF and you have decided to take up riding.

    You know what they say...

    A couple that rides together, stays together! :)
  11. Hahaha. Is that what they say? Thanks mate.

    Right now all I can do is sit there watching YouTubes and read reviews, and admire all the bikes I walk past in central Melbourne thinking about that five awesome seconds before I fell of the bike.

    Can't wait for the knee to settle down so that I can get back down for another shot. I know the GF is pretty annoyed to be stuck waiting for me to heal up as well!
  12. Could be you were going a bit quick for a tight turn in the carpark? Very easy mistake to make when you are starting out. Especially combined with a bit of overconfidence or lack of concentration.

    Thing is, this type of situation can very easily arise out on the road with much worse consequences and so it is really important to try and work out exactly what went wrong. Did your instructor talk to you much about it?

    Certainly sounds like target fixation was part of the problem. Maybe other things too? What was going through your mind? Any distractions? etc etc

    You will get through, but try and learn as much as you can from this.
  13. Welcome mate. No more drops for the moment, ya hear?

  14. If you're on YouTube, check out Twist of The Wrist 2 by Keith Code. You'll be able to learn a bit while you're out of commission.

    If you're into bit torrents, you can download the DVD and book.

    Some really good tips in there for when you get back on the bike.

  15. The instructors talked about getting fixated on the fence as it approached, and also on coming back sans the nerves. Going back through the memory banks, I'd say I was probably doing a lot wrong.

    I was looking with my eyes more than my whole head, I was fixating on the curve when it wasn't what it needed to be, and then became fixated on the fence as it came closer. Ultimately braking to avoid hitting the fence when I still had enough of a lean to cause the bike to fall out from underneath me.

    Was probably going too fast as well but can't say. I only spent enough time in 2nd to drop the bike and as the impending crash approached it all seemed like slow motion.

    The bike wasn't all that comfortable for me either. I'm a big bloke and not particularly fit, so on the CBR125 a lot of my weight was supported in my arms. Not too comfortable at all, yet if I tried to sit up straighter riding it, it was near impossible to keep my wrists down and I was tending to hit the throttle when I hit the brake.

    All in all I'm glad it happened. It's done nothing to deter me from riding, but it's made me realise that I shouldn't rush on to the roads, especially the roads around here.

    When the time comes I'll definitely try to go with the better half along to these Saturday practices I keep reading about, but unfortunately from Glen Waverley I think I'll be riding the back streets for quite some time before I could make it in safely.