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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Hippyfrog, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. Gday all,

    Just recently convinced my wife she needed to get her bike license and we both decided to start a "bucket list" err think that's what they have renamed a mid life crisis :D

    Presently live in Warwick, Qld, and spend my working hours as a farmer.

    Wife's bike is a XVS650 and I went for the 1100.

    Haven't quite got the whole posting piccys thing figured, but then again, how many times do you need to see a stock XVS1100? I'll slowly customise it as I figure what I want.

  2. Hey Frog & welcome to NR (& Mrs Frog)
  3. Please tell me both bikes are at least different colours, and that you're not on your way to being one of those couples that walks around in identical tracksuits :p.

    Welcome to NR, where the friendly mocking has only just begun :).
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  4. Welcome mate - enjoy this place it's good for a chuckle and good for your bike ! (you'll be reminded constantly that you can't be putting the wrong type of headlight fluId in before a big trip)
  5. Ahh yeah they are different colours, but still they are similar, mine atleast has white on it, whereas hers is completely black.

    I did make sure our helmets are VERY diff as that would just be wrong....
  6. Crisis, halogen fluid is VERY important to the well being of my safety... Do not mock such matters as they will be your saviour my friend...
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  7. So whats on your bucket list-apart from get decent bikes....
  8. Blabbus,

    Err haven't put much thought into it actually, do want to travel northern end of the country, and do a lot of fishing... Lemme get back to you when I actually take these lists seriously!

    Life doesn't need a plan as far as I'm concerned, just need to be willing to adapt to opertunities.
  9. Welcome aboard HF, Have you and / or the Cook had Road bikes before now ??, Warwick's good country yuh lucky bugga, some great rides. I pass through that way on the way to visit the folks out on Russell Island.
  10. welcome to NR
  11. Welcome Froggies!