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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bikerchaplain, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Hey Chappy for short here, bit of a forum junkie when not riding, but hail from SEQ Australia.... nah I don't bible bash so don't worry I am more biker than chaplain actually, got a V star cruiser and an XJR 1200 both nice bikes, tend to ride like 8000 klms in a couple of weeks bad habit of mine, Love visitng Vixtoria, great rides down there, anywah just saying hi, wilprobably lurk for a while till I get used to the setup of the forum......:angel:

  2. Welcome to NR bud'
  3. hey chappy, do I know you from Disciples???

    Welcome anyway...
  4. Hi Chappy.. welcome.
  5. Welcome Chappy,

    With you and Paul as sky pilots, we will be saved, Hahahahaha

  6. Welcome to NR. Both good bikes you got there. I got a V-star 650 custom as well. :)
  7. Welcome!
  8. Welcome Chappy

    Haven't been to confession for a looooooooooooooooooong time, will you give me absolution for ALL my sins?
  9. welcome to NR, hope you're a happy Chappy lol yeah I know, lame but hey sunday arvo what did you expect :)
    enjoy as we all do :)
  10. From diciples forum NSW many moons ago yeah probably do......
  11. Nah mate I will probably lead ya astray :)
  12. As Long as you ride a yamaha anything is forgivable!!! :angel:
  13. you were at the get-together at Jindabyne, some years ago then.....
  14. Damn, I ride a slow old Honda, Looks like there's no hope for me,

    And Satan still has that restraining order against me,

    And I am Banned upstairs,
  15. Yaa, on a virago, might need you on speed dial though.
  16. Looks like there IS something that I've done correctly in my life. :p

    Now only if my wife agrees to this.
  17. Nah mate, was at the one near coffs harbour
  18. Gee sounds like I need to have one of those thingy box curtain things..... only problem is I would be on the same side as you blokes anyway..... I once owned a Honda but I saw the light lol......
  19. never mind, as I said, a big welcome anyway
  20. Deadman, wouldn't matter what bike you rode, think you are destined for warmer places.