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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by RetroRacingZoltan, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Hi guys. I've been riding roadbikes (cb250,cb750,cb900, xv1000notTheVirago, vf1000r, z1rmkII, xj1300,'94trumphy900) and also been racing historics period 5 since about '92, mostly on 900-1000-1100&1220cc boldor's and CB1100Rs. I have recently raced a yzf750 and for the last couple of years a 85 fz750, winning the nsw pcra F750 series last year.

    I have a website to help promote racing for older bikes and sponsors of riders of older race bikes; www.retroracing.com.au

    see ya guys around the traps.
    Lake Macquarie NSW
  2. g'day zoltan, looks interesting. My 93 gsxr 750 looks like it will fit right in with that racing.
    Nice one...
  3. sure will. keepin touch if you need help. are you riding it on trackdays already? z
  4. actually i just helped a mate of mine buy and prep a 89 model suzi 750 and he raced it at eastern creek 3 weekends ago. went ok, needs some shock improvements. he also races a k21000..
  5. I haven't taken it to a track day yet. But it's definitely on the cards. Thanks for the offer for the help.
  6. Well, if it's your roadie, I would suggest the following after 20 years doing this: Decide how much you like it as a roadbike; if you like it a lot, consider NOT tracking or racing it! I say this as i have seen so many guys track their pride n joy and have some goose take them out or have them get overexcited with red mist smudging their corners, their lines ending in gravelrash.
    Trackbikes and racers should be disposable: inexpensive; replaceable. So you don't cry if they cartwheel..
    at times it's better to buy one already slightly crashed, cheap as, seeing you should fit race fairings anyway; maybe an ex racebike is ideal, usualy set up and geared already...