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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by bradwatts, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. I just noticed I've never introduced myself here.

    Just got my first license after 26 years of staying away from bikes. I had a head on with a truck when I was about 16 while I was warming up my old man's CB250 for an oil change (unlicensed/country road).

    Anyways, decided I needed a bike again and scored a Suzuki Across in nice nick. Yeah, I want a bigger bike already, but this one will do until March 2012 comes around and I can afford a ZX-6R or a GSX-R750. :-({|=
  2. welcome, sounds like you're lucky to be here at all :shock:
  3. Pretty much ;)

  4. Welcome to Netrider! It's no Gixxer, but the Across isn't all bad - I could shove so much junk in the super neat boot that I missed it for months when I finally upgraded. Heh. :D
  5. Welcome to NR! Ride Safe.
  6. Welcome aboard.
  7. G'day Brad, good to have you back on the team.

    Now this time, get some other b@stard to warm up the oil, alright? It's no use getting old if you don't get cunnin'.
  8. Yeah warming up engines isn't my strong suite obviously - I have got better at it though.

    Anyone got any comments regarding ZX-6R vs Gixxers?

    I've yet to ride either but I hear the Ninja can be a tad uncomfortable in the 'ballroom department'.

    I did a ride to Canberra from Ballarat a while back and the Across ain't no comfort machine - that seat is 'motocross hard'.

    I'm thinking for longer trips the GSX-R may be the more prudent choice...

    cheers for the welcomes btw folks!
  9. Welcome to the forum and back riding.

    I have only just started riding too and looking forward to next year when I get off my Ps. Looking at a wide range of 600s including the 2 mentioned.

    I read a review not long ago and the Suzuki was said to be a better road bike (compared to being a track bike) then the Ninja. Lots of good articles around comparing 600s. I love the Triumph Daytona 675 check that out too or the Honda 600rr, unless you are set on either 2.

    I have a 250r Ninja now and figured the ZX-6R would be almost like looking at the same bike if I got one so it has dropped down in my order ;) Great bike though from the reviews I have read.