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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by n4mv3t, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. G'day ... from and older rider ... my first rides (many, many moons ago) were a Vespa :moped: ... :rolleyes: ... followed by a 250 Arrow :grin::grin: ... all without the knowledge of my parents as they were members of the 'anti bike brigade'
    ... sadly I 'burned' the bike license when marriage, kids and 'responsibility' came along ... so after divorce I had to do the "Rider Safe" course which was interesting :grin:
    ... after a mix of 2 and 4 cylinder Honda's and Yams finally settled on XV Yams (about 25 years ago) :grin:
    My current ride is an XV1600 which, as she is a lady (with attitude), needs a lot of "bling" (more about that in another thread)
    Am generally a 'lone rider' ... but not always :)
    OK, 'nuff fer now ... am off to play with the traffic ... :demon::demon:
    Stay safe ... have fun ...

  2. Welcome back to 2 wheels
  3. Welcome mate
  4. Indeed welcome back. Where does the time go?
  5. goz ... thanks for the welcome ... have been on 2 wheels for 25 years now (no one around to say I can't ... lol ... ) ... must admit though that I also drive a ute and a station wagon :driver: ... :grin:

    trent112 ... thanks, 'tis always good to be greeted :)

    CFVFR ... thanks ... uuuummmm, about 'welcome back' ... errr, did I go somewhere?? ... now if I've been somewhere and don't know it, I've really,really got to know ... did I have fun?? ... :LOL::LOL:
  6. Welcome to the forum doc.

    What is a politician aware rider?

  7. Dude welcome but don't overdo the smilies or the colours it's unecessary
  8. G'day mate and welcome.
  9. ... many thanks Johnnn (Brmmm) ... 'tis a play on words, in the late 80's/early 90's a popular bumper sticker was "Volvo aware driver" ... I modified it just a tad ... :grin:
    ... btw I like your sig ... :)

    thanks for the welcome smee
    ... aha!!! ... the smilie monitor is revealed!!! ... :LOL: :LOL: ... ok, I promise I won't use any more than ten smilies in any one post ... :rofl:
    ... fyi info I always use DarkRed in the few forums I visit ... it has never been commented on until now ... :?