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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by leeon, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    I've been lurking this forum non-stop since I decided to go for my L's back in March. Since then I didn't really do much about getting a bike, but now my housemate's gone and got himself a VTR250 and I've got the itch again.

    I've slowly been acquiring my gear and starting to gather the funds for a bike.. I'm looking at a GPX250 or ZZR250 maybe. I don't want to spend too much on a first bike, but some of these I see listed are '88-'90s.. I'm wondering if it's worth spending a couple more grand to get something from this century? :D

    Anyway, big thanks to everyone who posts here.. I've been able to answer all of my dumb questions so far just by lurking (also makes me feel better than I'm not the only one to need the answer!). How did people find out this stuff before the interwebs?

    Anyway, hope to get out there soon and meet some of you guys.
  2. Hi leeon, welcome to NR!

    I dont really have any useful advice for you on what bike and year model, but just thought I'd say hello since no one had responded yet.

    I think everyone is still getting used to the new forum software :)
  3. Welcome leeon;

    I had a ZZR-250 '97 for my first bike. Loved every bit of it. In fact it'll be for sale soon... :grin:

    Enjoy the bike hunting, see if you can talk your housemate into taking his out for a flog...! :)
  4. cbr 250 r/rr are mostly late 80's early 90's and you should be anle to get one sub 5k in decent nick, I bought one for my gf who loves her's and I think its an awesome little starter bike for anyone
  5. Welcome to the MADHOUSE Leeon !
  6. Thanks guys!

    My mate has let me ride the VTR a little around our place. We've got a road that just laps around the property - for those that know the area, it's Willsmere at the top of Kew's Yarra Blvd. I've been riding around there and just want to get the rest of my gear before I jump into traffic on it. All I need now is a pair of boots and I'm set.

    I imagine the kms on a bike would wear it more than age, right? There's an '88 GPX250 with about 35,000 clicks on it I'm looking at. I realise a lot more comes into it than age/kms, but if that bike has been looked after properly, could I expect it to still be reliable?

    Again, I know nobody can give a definite answer without seeing the bike, I'm just wondering if I'm setting myself up for hard times by looking at such a low price range.

    Thanks again all!
  7. My bike is 96 built and has 35,000 some k's on it, and it still pulls hard and is a pleasute to ride. And from what I've seen can smoke alot of the newer bikes and is more reliable too... if a bike is well maintained it can last for a very long time
  8. Welcome to NR
  9. gday and welcome to netrider

    i have an '07 gpx and i enjoy it :)