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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by SMG, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. What to say? Just joined up with NR. Had my bike license for years, just never owned my own bike, but have now got the bug again to make the big decision. Looking forward to becoming a part of this world. Cheers.

  2. u said enough :grin:

    i dont understand?? u got a full license but never owned a bike?? how come

  3. Mainly I didn't have the cash to spend on a bike, so I would borrow a bike from time to time off a friend or relative to get me by. Plus I never had anyone to go riding with. Now have a mate who just got his L's, so thought I'd start looking around.
  4. good man, u wont regret it
  5. Thanks. I just noticed you ride a Yamaha YZF-R6. Was looking at an older 2000 model. At this point in time I have no idea what sort of bike I am going to go for. What do you think about them?
  6. 2000 model is the carby version, friend has one, loves it to death but i have always prefered fuel injection, if i dont own a R6, its beacuse i'll own either a new R1 or Ducati, but r6 it is for me for a long time, best u test ride a few different bikes and u will make up your mind what u will buy
  7. Welcome to Netrider SMG.
    I couldn't agree more with what Goz has said....R1's are damn fine ;)
    So are Gixxer's :cool:
    Safe, happy riding dude.
  8. hey dude...

    great to hear you're 'bout to own 2-wheels!!!

    totally agree with Goz & Nickers!!!ride a few see what you think!!!!

    I can vouch for Ducatis', Yami's & Gixxer's: They ROCK!!!!! :grin:

    Oh & by the way:DID I SAY R1's ROCK???? :LOL:

    Any bike you get will be a treat mate...its just @#&-ing unreal to be riding!!!

    Welcome back!!!!!
  9. Welcome to NR SMG!!

    Start saving those coins and get out on 2 Wheels. You'll enjoy it more when you have your own bike!!
  10. Cheers guys. I feel welcome already! Yeah, think the best thing for me to do is try as many different bikes as I can before making up my mind.
  11. Welcome aboard SMG !
  12. No one to ride with?? Thing of the past now dude, welcome to NR, group rides and all sorts of shit going on here. Grab a bike and get hoon'n...!
  13. Hi SMG and welcome to NR
  14. hey hey SMG

    Welcome to you

    Happy shopping :biker:

  15. welcome to netrider :D

    plenty of peeps to ride with here :)