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GDay you scumbags!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ceebee, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Gday fellow forumites.
    Have been on forum for a week and forgot to intro myself. I have a 79 Honda CB650, and currently getting it ready for this riding season. I say riding season because down this far south (Fleurieu Peninsula, SA) you can only ride for about three months out of the year due to the bl..dy weather....
    I hate the new jap bikes. Plastic melts. :p
    I like Harleys, so watch out for my reactions to those who diss them. :evil:
    I also love old bikes. :grin:
    I also love taking the piss out of others, especially conspiracy-theorists and greenies. :twisted:
    Looking forward to being on hand to offer any advice, words of wisdom and just plain piles of BS. Cheers. :cool:

    P.S : And yes I REALLY am deaf, in case you think my sig is offensive.
  2. Welcome to NR!

    Damn, that's a short riding season. Gotta love the Qld weather! :cool:

    Glad you love taking the p*ss out of others, 'cause I love taking the p*ss out of HD lovers. :wink:

    Rubber-side-down! :grin:
  3. Welcome ceebee. Netrider's a great place for all those activities you like, just be prepared to meet lots of people like you :LOL:.
  4. ...WHAT?

    By the way is your sig supposed to imply that not hearing such things is a benefit or a curse? You'd be out of luck with my missus, I can feel the floor vibrating three rooms away when she gets going.
  5. so you're not into harleys for their exhaust note then :wink: like loz says, who needs to hear it if you can feel it :twisted:

  6. welcome, glad to see you've got the right attitude.pitty about the harley thing but then again most of them would consider themselves lucky if there bikes were rideable for 3mths of the year :LOL:
  7. Welcome ceebee...

    HARLEYS SUCK :p jk

    Good to see another SA member, although a little further away :grin:

    I didnt realise the weather was so crappy down there, three months - that s*x :cry:

    Welcome again

  8. Welcome to NetRider ceebee :)

    How's your sense of 'smell' ?

  9. Hey ceebee, your from my neck of the woods. The weather isn't all that bad. The wind is a bit of an issue though.
    May see you out on the fleurieu roads some day.
  10. G'day right back at ya. :grin:
  11. No offence taken here, but I guess that'll explain why you like Harleys over Jap bikes...!?

    Sounds like you need something that handles in the wet!!!

    Anyway, welcome :p
  12. No, thats why he's deaf.....

    How deaf is deaf? Totally deaf, 100% in one ear and half in the other, or something less than that?

    The improtant thing Im looking for - have you organised which side of the bed you get her to sleep in so that you cant hear her fart.

    And of course, the most important question...... is it true, like the old joke says, that farts smell so deaf people can enjoy them too?
  14. Welcome CB :)
    I'm sorry, but plastic rules :p