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Gday Trendsetters

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by ozstickman, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. Gday everyone. New bloke here.

    Been off the bikes for a few years and now Im getting back onto 2 wheels.
    I from Warwick QLD, work too much, play rairly, married, father and cant wait to get back onto 2 wheels again.

    I have owned a ZX2R and had use of a ZX6R. Been 4 years since I have had a decent ride but had a few rides here and there, round the bloke sorta stuff and a few splats ona few Harleys.

    Time for me to buy and new bike(or late model second handy).
    I hope I can contribute some way to this forum.

  2. Its always good to have someone come back to riding after a break, Generally seems to begin when they start a family and realize their mortality :cry:
  3. Welcome Sticko, but please bear with me as I chuckle over a couple of your typos :LOL:

    'A ride round the bloke' has a whole different meaning in some parts of Sydney (yeah, I know, 'a ride round the block' is what you meant :LOL:)

    'A few splats on a couple of Harleys' is open to all sorts of interpretations too.

    Never mind, back to sensible: I guess you have managed to keep your full bike license; lucky you, I bet you wouldn't want to have to go the 'learner' route again.

    Stick around <groan>: Netrider's a fun place.
  4. Welcome back to 2 wheels, and a warm welcome to NR !!

    :LOL: @Paul
  5. So the wife has given the go ahead! You'd better just go out and buy a bike before she reconsiders. When you get the bike, ride very gently whenever she sees you riding or is pillion.

    Now the dilemma - which bike?

  6. Spelling = Few too many rumbos after work yesterday.

    Not sure exactly what bike yet but we'll sort it out and yes I am getting one real soon before the Finance minister removs funding from my budget.
  7. haha 'Rumbos"

    Welcome to NR
  8. Hey there Sticko, welcome to NR.

    You Queenslanders sure like your rum don't you?
  9. Made from the finest Sugar Cane!
  10. As soon as you know which bikes you will be choosing from post it and then we'll give you 50 different and interesting pieces of advice on which bike is "really" for you. Only kidding.

    There are a lot of very experienced riders on line that can help if you want help.

    Have fun shopping.
  11. Welcome to Netrider mate. Good to see another fellow QLDer, and a Rodney fan at that. All the best :)