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G'day to you all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by VStromGuy, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. G'day to you all.....I am a newbie, having just signed up.

    I ride a VStrom 650A 2015 model and love it.

    Recently met someone who put me onto this site, so I thought that I would sign up and check it out.

    Usually only ride on the weekends and take a little spin for an hour or two, visiting country towns for a bit of a looksee, maybe grab a burger and have a stroll around before heading back home.


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  2. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. The best fun you can have is riding a motorcycle and the treats at the stops is the icing on the cake.
  3. Welcome to Netrider Trev!
    When you can (I think you have to do a few posts first) post up some pics of your VStrom please (y)
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  4. G'day TrevTrev, welcome to Netrider. There are quite a few V-Strom riders and aficionados (I'm one of the latter) here. Other than commuting, your type of weekend ride is what I mostly do too. What part of Australia do you live in?

    As David KDavid K said, it'd be great to see some photos of your motorcycle. You'll be able to upload photos directly to thread posts and your motorcycle Showcase after you've made a few thread posts and received a couple of user ratings.
  5. G'day Eric, thanks mate......yes just getting out n about is a good thing.....new sights and places even the ones you have done before are all good. It is a great country we live in and I love to take it in. I have a quest to find the best burger in the bush amongst other things.
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  6. David, g'day....yes I will post some when I get the chance to do so. I have just uploaded a standard photo as my avatar....it is not the same as mine.
    I run a white model and have swapped the standad screen for a givi airflow and have a 52l givi topbox which I love.
  7. I am based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and it is so easy for me to get onto the Western Ring Rd or the Hume,,,,but I do go east and south as well just as easily.
    Would be good to chat with other VStrom riders and those who appreciate the bike......they are a beaut (however I am biased) to ride and I am open to whatever brand or model that anyone else rides....we all ride what we like or suits or we can afford of whatever......good to get the obligatory head nod as you pass each other on the road.
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  8. New places, as well as the roads you've travelled before, will look completely different on a bike..... Howdy and welcome to the forums VStromGuyVStromGuy. Great bike, and well set up for a nice adventure it seems (y) Where are you based?

    You described my favourite style of riding. Check out Halls Gap in the heart of the Grampians, great burgers, pies and famous ice-cream :hungry::hungry: See you on the roads....
  9. G'day Fr...I am in the nthn subs of Melb and have not done much travel in the Grampians region but will get there and to their local burger and pie outlets too :) Done a lot of driving over the years and have seen a lot through the windshield.......yes you are right...it all looks different through the visor. It is a great way to stay sharp and focussed too. Still getting used to this site and everyone seems welcoming....so thanks to you all.
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  10. Awesome, you are not far at all then (y) And you have some terrific roads at your disposal...

    Comes spring, give me a shout if you are heading west. Grampians is my backyard, will be nice to share the road.
  11. Thanks for that.....there is nothing like a bit of local knowledge.....and I do find people in the bush to be true blue people which I think is a great thing.
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  12. The Western Ring Road and Hume Highway does give you a fair bit of latitude (and longitude too, I suppose) in accessing the excellent riding routes around Melbourne.

    I'm surprised (although I probably shouldn't be) at how busy the Ring Road is these days. I was along there during peak hour the other day and it was bumper-to-bumper at a crawl approaching the Greensborough Highway. When I returned along it to join the Hume Highway before 5:00 AM yesterday it was very busy as well!
  13. welcome aboard :)
  14. Welcome VStromGuyVStromGuy and nice ride you have ;)
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    Welcome to the forum - we're mostly harmless
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  16. Well, WE are, but you've got to watch out for George!!

    As others have said there's a heap of WeeStrom riders here!
  17. I did say MOSTLY harmless..
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  18. Comes spring, give me a shout if you are heading west. Grampians is my backyard, will be nice to share the road.[/QUOTE]
    Why wait for spring.....................I thought you would show us around with the rivers running?
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  19. Welcome fellow VStrom rider! The 650's are a great machine :cool:
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  20. Welcome to NR...

    Nice bike there...come around to Elwood on Saturday for a meet and greet If/when you can. At times there are after practice rides and also Sunday rides which are lots of fun.