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G'day to the Netriders I spotted tonight ;)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by van, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. Haha, I was driving home from my mate's Tiki bar in Richmond at about 11:30ish tonight, and we came across a bunch of riders sitting around their bikes on the corner. Pulled down the window and asked if any of them were Netriders, and they all were!

    So yeah, g'day to you lot ;)

    That marks my second ever Netrider encounter! :LOL:
  2. What's a Tiki bar? Is that some Kiwi thing?

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Didnt they have their numberplate surrounds fitted?
  4. Ah so that was you Van :eek:
    Yeah there were 8 of us... just headed out for a ride after Sat night coffee...
  5. Typhoon: Tiki is a Hawaiian/Polynesian thing; like [mod:url broken so removed] Fire... my way to a coffee night some time soon heh.
  6. Yeah make your way down to a coffee night soon Van!!
    Next Friday at Southbank, but most of us won't be at Cleo's next Saturday night... so not sure if anyone will be there??
  7. Pretty sure I can do Friday, so I'll see you all there!
  8. or you could come to sunday coffee... ya loser :p
  9. Hahah nah, been out all day on that ride. Figure I should spend the rest of the day/night with my girly :)
  10. You could pillion her down to the coffee night and then you can still spend the night with her... works for Troy :cool:
  11. Ah yeah, on my Ls and she has no helmet or jacket :p
  12. get some hot netrider guy to pillion her and you can follow ;)
  13. Hahahah!!