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G'day to all

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Firestorm, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. G'day all,

    Just joined after meeting one of your members (on the road) that told me of this site.

    I'm Pete, I have just bought an '05 Honda VTR1000F Firestorm, after previously owning a Honda Rebel. I picked her up on Friday arvo and with the patchy Melbourne weather, still managed to run up a little over 600kms. I'm looking forward to joining you guys on a couple of the upcoming rides in a week or so.

    Til then I bid you happy and safe riding and congrats on a fantastic site.


    :D :D :D :D :D
  2. Hi there Pete and welcome.

    :D :D
  3. Welcome Pete. You will know doubt have noticed the insanity that runs across the forum most of the time. The best things is not to take too much notice of it and ride a lot.:):):):):) I have just come back from a scoot up and down Mountain Hwy. Just because I can.:D:D:D:D
  4. Welcome Pete, come along to the Annual Netrider Dinner and meet a whole heap of us! (events and announcements)
    mmmmm, '05 model bike, lucky coot!!!
  5. Welcome Pete,

    Was great having a ride and a coffee with you today :)

    Glad you found the site ok, hope to see you at Friday night coffee soon :)


  6. ....or tonite at Fasta Pasta at Brandon Park Shopping Ctr. , cnr. FTG and Springvale roads.
    Edit: Oops...yeah...and welcome !! :D
  7. Hi Pete,

    Welcome aboard. You have a mighty nice bike there. I love the sound of them

  8. Welcome aboard the spirit of bikes! Interesting that the username firestorm was not taken. :)
  9. G'day Pete. Welcome to the site. :)
  10. Welcome firestorm, hope you enjoy lunacy as much as we do.

  11. Gday and welcome to netrider. Heaps of good info and people on here.

    When you are ready, have a look at www.ozfirestorm.com

    believe it or not, there isn't a "firestorm" registered there yet!!
  12. Hi ya Pete

    Welcome to the best little nut house in Oz!! :D
  13. welcome to the jungle !!
  14. Hey guys,

    WOW! Thanks for the warm welcome :D

    I was amazed that no-one had the nickname.

    I still owe you a coffee, let me know when you're going to hit the road again.

    And for everyone else, thanks again and I'll see about the annual dinner as I work arvo shift - bit of a bugger for the social life, but I get all day to ride :D :wink: :D

    Take care all and safe riding.


    P.S. Thanks for the site ashes, I had a quick squiz as my time is limited but what I saw, I liked. Take care.
  15. Yep it's all about priorities. You need to prioritise more hours to spend aimlessly on the net!!