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Gday strangers!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ELX, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,
    Just joined the forum. Ive got a few questions, but ill start off by saying hey to you all! Glad i found the site, there's more information that i can process at the moment so thats always good :grin: Anyway, in 16 (17 in a month or so). I've got my bike learners. I live in QLD so i can only ride a 250 (suits me as i don't wanna die just yet) for the first year or so. Anyway basically i just wan't to ask you guys which bike i should be buying. I was origionally going to go for a sport bike, or a naked like toe vtr250, cbr250 etc. But i have changed my mind. I much prefer cruisers. I love the comfort of them, and i love the look/power delivery of them. So im looking at a 250cc cruiser. From what i can see there's a few to toss up between. The yamaha virgo 250, honda rebel 250, suzuki gz 250. Now i can already ride "ok". I've had a pitbike for about 2 months now, and had a crap old yz125 before that. So i've got the basics of throttle and clutch control, brakeing etc. Not familliar with road bikes, or the road however. Anyway like i said, i want something i can keep for at least the 1 year i have to have a 250 for and not get bored of it. I will be doing mostly easy commuting style riding on the bike. But also plan to go "exploring" through the mountains, highway cruises etc. on the weekends. But i definetly wan't the most powerfull 250 cruiser i can get. I wan't to be able to "cruise along" up hills, down hill, on highways with no dramas and i wan't to know that coming out of a corner, or going up a hill there's going to be more than enough power and that i won't always be redlining in 6th. Is this possible or am i dreaming? Thanks in advance for any replys. :grin: Ridesafe


  2. Oh and by the way, i only weigh about 58 kgs, and im about 168 cm's tall. So im no giant. I just wan't to make sure whatever cruiser i buy can cruise at 100 km's on the freeway so i don't get trampled on by cars! Also i wan't to spend about $3000ish. So it'l be a fairly old (95ish) 2nd hand bike. Thanks again!
  3. welcome mate... where did you get this wan't thing from it's a bit odd, is it a queensland thing? :p

    at your weight a cruiser should get you by, and 3k is a good budget for a cruiser particularly in queensland where the 250 market isn't propped up like it is in victoria.

    have you ridden one so you can guage the power delivery of them? i don't think it would be very exciting, as for comfort 250 'sports' like the zzr and across are probably just as comfy as a virago and you'll get better acceleration out of them, just something to consider :wink:
  4. IMHO you're better off buying a normal naked 250 for your restricteds, and then getting a full-size cruiser when you can buy an 800 or something.

    Feedback is that 250 cruisers run out of steam in the driveway. Check on some of demuire's early posts; he's a fellow Q'lder and he rode a 250 cruiser on his restrictions, was often not a happy camper..

    Oh, and welcome to the forum, thanks for your kind words... :grin:
  5. welcome Tom :) Definately go out and ride a few different bikes before you make your decision based on experience, and take them on the freeway too so you get the feel of them. I have heard others say similar things to what hornet just posted about the 250 cruisers as a first bike. I would be inclined to go with something else :)
  6. Well i back read some posts, people seem to complain about the power a bit. One guy couldn't get above 90! Anyway, if i do go down the naked or sportbike/tourer road. Which bike would be best if im looking for something comfortable with a somewhat relxed seating position? I HATE across' so that's one bike i will avoid. But zzr's look alright, as do bandit 250's and vtr's. But which bike would be closes't to a cruisers layback feel and freindly power band? Thanks guys!
  7. Hey there,

    I myself had a Honda VT250C Custom cruiser and it was a great 250, shares the same motor as the VTR250 and I think both are great learner bikes. I admit, it was blue & shiny and that's why I bought it. My choice had nothing to do with performance, but it was a good choice anyway.

    The Honda V-Twins (including the Spada older version of thd VTR), all deliver power well and are a good ride in the hills.

    They do die in the ass at about 135kph.

    The ZZR250 is also a great bike, my girlfriend had one and I was always surprised at how well it went and the range it got. Almost 300+klms on a long trip before hiting reserve, like that's almost 30klms per litre, just mad. It was also a nice bike to ride and you didn't have to rev the guts out of it to make it go. Although the Honda V-Twins had more grunt in my view.

    However, bang for buck the ZZR is a cheaper bike to buy and has fairings, which makes it more attractive all round if you like that sort of thing.

    I strongly sugguest that you go test a few before you buy, the specs may be good, but you may hate the ride.

    Goodluck :)

  8. Hate to say this, but you can die or be hurt as equally well on a 250 as you can on a larger bike.

    Your singular focus on speed says a lot.

    Instead of a bike recommendation, have a think about getting your car licence and seeing how traffic operates in the relative safety of a cage. You might have a good head on your shoulders, but I can't imagine that city traffic is any place for an inexperienced 17yo with a 17yo view of the world and motoring pyschology and physics.

    Goodluck with it anyways...
  9. Get what floats ya boat. Test ride different mods and take it from there. A 2fiddy cruiser may not be down on power for you, but others it might be.

    Cheers :cool:
  10. Well i dont really have a singular focus on speed, or else i wouldn't suggest buying a cruiser instead of a cbr250rr or an rgv or something. It's not that i want blistering speed, i just want to know that going up a hill like mt nebo, cootha etc. I will have enough power to pull me up (and then some) without feeling like it's struggeling so i can just power up hills, etc. I want a cruiser if i can get one thats going to be good enough for what i want. Otherwise i suppose I will have to go for a more sport styled bike. But i do love the cruiser's :( And yea, i have ridden one for a very short time. The power seemed to just roll on. That was on a 750 tho.
  11. If you like cruisers go for one , it'll still break the speed limit and get you into trouble , and you being short-ish it'll be easier to handle at low speed in parking spots and in heavy traffic ( road bikes don't handle like trail bikes do ). Iv'e been riding for years and my current ride is an 86 Honda rebel , it does everything I need it to and it cruises on the highway at 110 all day.And here's a pic of it :grin:

  12. That looks nice. How does the power of the reble 250 compare against the virago 250's or the gz250? How do they go on hills? Like for mountain rides, if i want to be able to power up a hill with ease will it do that? At the moment i own a 2005 Yamaha TTR90 its done up so it has a 110cc big bore kit and a aftermarket exhaust. Will a 250c cruiser have alot more power than that? Im just worried ill buy one and ill love it for a while then get bored of the power. But i suppose it wont be THAT different to other 250's as far as power goes?? Thanks
  13. As for power difference I don't know because I haven't ridden a virago or a gz250 but if you look the specs up it'll tell you the power differences ,If a cruiser doesn't have more power than your ttr I'd guess that the cruisers motor is snafu ,the ttr might feel faster because it's lighter and more manuverable, most 250 trailbikes will beat most 250 roadbikes off the line but the roadbikes won't run out of puff as soon ( and a road bike is a lot smoother on the road ) on some hills I have to go back a gear on the rebel to keep the revs up but I'm 90kg and almost 6 foot .As for getting bored if your worried about not going fast enough maybe you should think about a track bike or stick with trailies ,,,you'll have enough other things to do until your no longer bored then trade up ..simple..
  14. Where do people get these ideas that a Virago 250 and the other cruisers are slow?
    They will all do the legal speed limit.
    Terri had a 250 virago for a couple of years, rode everywhere on it.
    We did two up on it for a couple of hours once on a steady 100 kph or just over.
    If you know how to ride correctly and realise you are on a 250 you should have no problems on hills or redlining the thing.
    I've been riding Lin's ZZR 250 around, I've never even been close to redline, it's not the bike, it's the rider.
  15. My lil virago suits me just fine.
    I've had her up to 135k's..no probs.
    she cruises on the freeways at 110 no sweat for hours and Im 85kg's.
    Sure she's not the quickest for take offs but that doesnt bother me..I beat the cagers...thats all that matters :p
  16. Exactly ^^
  17. Yea like i said. Im not to worried about acceration. I like the whole idea of cruisers. I mean if it can sit at say 115 kph on the freeway. I don't see any real need to go faster. Im sure it will be fine in the city to. It's what i really want overall anyway so im sure ill love it. And the whole hill performance thing shouldnt be a problem. You guys understand what i mean tho dont you. I don't mean speed on hills i mean power. I want to know that the bike will just pull me up hills with ease. No struggling? It should do that? Anyway which 250 cruiser do you guys think i should go with? The rebels and the virago's are both cheap and there's alot around. Is one better than the other, more powerfull, smoother etc? Thanks again for all the replies, i really do appreciate it!

  18. I can't say which is better..I've only ever ridden my virago.
    But as for your concerns with hills...just click her down a gear and off we go!
    My dad told me its better to kick her down a gear than to struggle on..uses heaps more fuel if you struggle up a hill. Im getting 103 MPG btw...
    105 kms to every 3 litres of fuel, can't beat it I reckon.
  19. I would recommend the vtr250 as a first bike as its quite torquey for a 250 which makes it easier to ride. The aim in the first couple of years is to learn to ride and get some experiance. You can then move to the bike that better suites your style.
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