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Gday Seasoned Rider But New here.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by HeavyElbow, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Hey all,
    Just thought I would introduce myself and say g`day.I am an enthusiast of motorcycles and an experienced rider.I am 3rd generation rider/racer/mechanic and now have started my kids (4th gen) down the path of freedom.Started riding at around 7 or 8 years out at Menia to Sydney`s South in the quarries,racing motorcross at 12,racing roadbikes at 16,enduro at 19,flat track at 21,vintage mx at 23,drags at 25 then retired at 32 from racing due to family commitments.Had a crack at just about all of the different styles bar a couple like ice track.Love most bikes,had a real knack as a kid to make them go fast and then filled my life up with the things.Love the feeling,love the acceleration,love the life.Whole family back to my grandfather are all as consumed with this passion as I am.One of my biggest dislikes is the lack of places for younglings today to ride,cheaply and safely,very sad.Cheers,stay upright and take care. :cool:

  2. Here' here....... and welcome abord.

    may you have much fun while your here :)

    and be warned, we will bung shit on you at every chance we get.
  3. Welcome!

    You can teach us young'uns a thing or two :wink:
  4. Hi and welcome from a fellow :newb:
  5. Hahaha,thanks all.Hang shit on me if you wish,just remember,spitting into the wind blows back at you twice as hard,only joshin,sometimes a wake up or a kick in the pants is justified.So hang away,I can laugh at myself,it`s the next step after talkin to yourself.Hey Hyssy,teach you youngens something,well first you have to listen,then you have to want to be taught.I have got some knowledge I suppose to spare,hell I ain`t using it.I used to be on an international dirt bike site based in the U.S. as a tech,engine mod and problem guy,but they are a bunch of wanna be ignorant swollen head units that think just cause their mate says Joe Blow is the best engine modifier they all follow and give Joe all their cash.Truth is,he isn`t an engineer or a fitter/machinist or technical wizard,he sends his heads and barrells and stuff away to an average lookin grease sod in mass,then on their return he just bolts the things back on,not any better than a 2nd year apprentice really.True wizards are privateers that you see out on the track giving the big guys the hurry up on a next to non existant budget,all their work is their own.I am a mechanic and a fitter/machinist/welder and done some cool stuff for a crust.But 2 wheels are my love followed by steam locomotives and you don`t need much cash to turn your average ride into a rear drifting demon and I like to see people enjoy bikes as much as I do,so anything I can do to help,just ask.You might be suprised what I know and if I don`t know I have a family full of freaks like me that will help.If we don`t teach younger people to appreciate bikes,then the bloody Tofu snacking politically correct bbq spoilers that take away all the cool places to ride will have their way,and we will all be drinking overpriced tap water out of a bottle.I like beer too much
  6. Ha ha, well said Heavyelbow. Welcome.
  7. G'day heavy, always good to have someone who knows [or at least is a convincing bluffer] on board. :p

    Welcome to the madhouse. :wink:
  8. Not involved with the Richmond Railway?
  9. welcome to the asylum - the inmates run it -hope you enjoy