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G'day Riders,posting abit about me and my bikes...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by jayroe90_cbr, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. New to this fourm stuff,but all my mates have settled down and sold their bikes :( so im looking for like minded people to ride with :)

    Ive ridden dirt bikes for yr's always been put off by the dangers on the road. untill i had enough of traffic and fuel prices!

    I found a mint imported unrestricted CBR250rr (MC22) all original fairings ect motor/carb must be worked its got 55,000 on it and its a weapon! coming off a yz250 (2stroke) this bike scares the shit outa me! sails past 19g and still havnt hit limiter lol. l love it (will post pics/video's soon)

    My mate sold me his custom 1995 CBR600f (F3) with 89,000kms on it,were not sure whats been done to it but it blows new 600's away :) i rode it on me RE's and i just knew id be dead very soon if i didnt mature up and get training, its a dirt bike thing..as soon as i throw a leg ova a bike im a flam'n dickhead :( so a parked it up for over a yr and enjoyed the crap outa my RR.

    Ive completed advanced rider courses through H.A.R.T at norwell and a track day.it was a must for me to find the limmits on the track so im not trying to find them on the road.now ive upgraded to my open R's and got the 600 out and its unreal. im guessing its had a re-bulid engine/carby (no smoke,burns no oil,no weaps,fresh gasket sealents on covers and starts 1st pop and idles sweet when cold) might also hav cams,is a bit lummpy when warmed up, also has a double bubble visor, yoshi pipe and custom paint/fairings,shinko usoft diablo rear and stealth front.

    Ive got the money for a new bike but i love the look and sound of my 600 the carby sounds like a supercharger on cold mornings (and i still ride my 250rr). Im located on brisbane's northside. i ride most weekends (no gf) either trails,motorcross or road. hit us up if your down for a nubbie to show the ropes on the road. peace out people
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  2. G'day and welcome, JayJay. You're the latest of quite a few new Netrider members who have CBR250RRs and there's not one among you who don't love them! Sounds like you've made some level-headed decisions about riding and rider training too, good on you.
  3. thanks mate, i just dont know why they stopped making them :( the new 250r is more dull than my old xr250 lol. i haven't ridden a 300 ninja (nor will i) but they try all the time to race me and they seem ok..but once im past 13g i fly past hehe.My old man had a saying "trees dont move, cars do" lol pics and bio's of my bikes are done wait'n approval :)
  4. welcome aboard :]
  5. haha ok, im not say'n there bad, if i had no riding experience (especially 2stokes) learning to ride on the road with my 250rr would have been hell,especially in traffic on hills haha,its like the worst learner bike eva lol its small,literally a pain in the ass on long trips and hard to work on,parts are hard to find and cost a mint...but when its echoing of buildings in the city at 19g tearing pedestrians eardrums apart the smile on my face is worth the pain in the ass :p
    PS. thanks for all the welcomes people :)
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  6. Welcome to NR
  7. Howdy and welcome to NR. :happy: