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G'Day Peoples :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Owls71, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Just thought I'd drop a quick G'Day to you all.
    have been popping in and out for a while on this site but as I'm about to buy my first bike I wanted to tip the lid to everyone.
    in the process of sorting finance options out, not having the best credit rating so looking at various options. the hard work is done (i.e. getting the final seal of approval from the good lady of mine :sneaky: )
    as a nubie I'm looking at either Kawasaki 650L the Suzuki GSX650 or GS500F, would appreciate helpful tips on these bikes either good or bad.
    been and sat on them all a couple of times and they all feel pretty good to me. both have two tyres and something to hold onto at the front o_O
    all advice appreciated

  2. GSX650 is a heavy tub of lard
    go for something lighter :LOL:
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  3. ha cheers Hornet, did notice that when I sat on it. was leaning towards the Kawasaki but the GS price tag is a lot better !! mmm
  4. where abouts are you @Owls71 ?? i have ninja650RL available on here at the moment..
    I love her.. but im moving .. so its a good bike with a great history to look at..
  5. Hi Owls71. I have the GS500F. Great bike for a newbie, 790mm seat, over 400km from the 20 litre tank. Not too powerful - it won't spin out the rear on dry bitumen. The 200kg weight is not too hard to handle either. I'm not tall so the seat height is OK except when I have dropped it when my foot landed in a hole when stopping - cracked the fairing! Good value on Bikesales! Good luck, ride safely.
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  6. Get the Kwaka 650L.....

    Hands down one of the best equipped (larger) LAMS bikes out......
    In the right hands this thing will teach you to ride very well indeed.
  7. Buy Portagrugs Kwaka. Suzuki is cheap cos its, well, cheap.
  8. I think i scared the Owls away :(
  9. oops sorry guys I didn't see any notifications on the post thingy, only found your comments today DOAH.
    Anyway I deferred to recommendations from a lot of people that for first bike it may be better to get an older 250 and not worry about dropping or scratching or whatever!
    anyway Ive got myself a Suzuki 250 bandit and its been running well for four weeks that is until Thursday last week when I struggled to start the thing :(
    got it going and was fine and started first time coming home from work that night.
    however on Friday morning didn't want to play at all :(
    bit of work over the weekend with a mate of mine stripping carbs down and cleaning them out but still having problems.
    got new spark plugs yesterday and still having issues
    basically pipes 1&2 are touchable but 3&4 get too hot to touch so obviously a prob with 1&2 cylinders not firing properly. looking at the plugs they are very wet so I'm thinking air not mixing in through the carbs. about to go and have a play and see what I can see but may be having to strip everything apart at the weekend :(
    cheers for any advice you may have :)
  10. Welcome to the asylum(y)
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