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Gday, Newbie questions 400's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by 260LP, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. Hey everyone. I completed a Q-ride course about 3 weeks ago and am now looking for a bike. I've only really got about 4k to spend, and I don't see the point of getting a 250 if I don't have to.

    So I was looking at mid 90's 400's. I'll mostly be using it to limit the use of my car and go to uni etc. And of course the w/e run to Mt Glorious.

    I don't know if I want it naked of with fairings, don't mind really.

    So what are some suggestions VFR/RVF FZR ? ? ?

    Would I get a decent example for about 4k?

    Thanks for any info!
  2. fall over ---- broken tupperware.ride naked to begin with for sure.go for low k`s and do a bit of research....my first bike was a kwaka kr1 2 stroker and blew the engine every 6000k`s,kool whilst under warranty. not kool when not.buy what you can afford and maintain.
  3. Are you limited to 400's? Or could you also use 600's? I only ask because there is a much greater selection of 500's and 600's available than 400's.

    I would believe that yes, if you look around (and be patient), you would be able to find a decent example of a early to mid 90's bike.

    p.s. welcome to the site!
  4. I used to have a CBR400 Tri-arm and it was brilliant.

    The later, gull arm CBR's are better than the earlier ones (the early ones used to have some minor gearbox troubles), but they all have bullet proof engines and will happily sit all day at 14500 rpm.
    The VFR/RVF's are similar bikes (the RVF looks flasher), are also bullet proof, with better mid range than anything else in this bracket.

    The rest (ZXR, FZR, GSXR, ZZR etc. - in order of my preference) are a bit peakier and not quite as well built as the Hondas. The ZXR looks the nicest though, and has the highest claimed top speed.

    A 400 is a pretty focused bike though (not so good if you are tall - I am 5'10 and my knees rested on the fairing), but will easily stuff anything larger on a road such as the Reefon Spur. Get to a straight though and the larger bikes will pull away (mid 90's 600's won't pull away quite as quickly as you might expect though, and you'll be able to catch them on the brakes and through the corners).

    The biggest problem with the 250's is that they are all noise and not much go. The 400 has some poke about it (it's actually worth fitting a race can).

    Brilliant bikes. Brilliant.
    Ahhh, the memories.
  5. Talked to a bloke at work here with 30+ years of riding experience and he suggested like Boz in the post above that wiser to perhaps go for a 500 or 600 rather than 400, if you're not limited to the 400. Bigger selection of bikes, less likely to be grey imports and also apparently better power/performance to weight ratio for a 500 or 600 compared with 400.
  6. Whoa! quick replies!

    Thanks for the quick replies! I'm not limited at all. Though it will be my first bike and the only riding I've done is the q-ride test basically. I'm only 5'8 so I'm built pretty close to the ground :LOL:

    The only reason I thought of 400s coz I thought price-wise they'd be cheaper than a 500 or 600, but maybe not.

    Im gonna look at one tomorrow and have a sit, read through all the "what to look for on a new bike" stuff, phew so much to remember!

    Thanks for the opinions! keep them coming please!
  7. welcome 260LP :D

    I also looked at the hondas VFR/RVF before i bought my cbr250rr but they're still pretty pricy.

    Not sure what the difference in prices are in QLD, but in NSW the RVF's go for around 8k and above. VFR are around 6k plus.....
    But then again they're expensive here cos they are the fastest inline 4 (dont quote me on that tho!) that are learner legal in NSW!! 8)

    Just my 2c :)

    anyways good luck searching!!
  8. Probably not much difference price-wise.

    600's are more of an all-rounder (400's can be a little too focused for some). For example, you could take a pillion on a 600, but I wouldn't dream of taking one on a 400. Not enough torque, and not enough padding!

    They are both totally different bikes, so if you are seriously considering a 400, it's definitely worth finding a friendly bike shop and taking one of each out for a test ride to compare. Otherwise, play it safe and buy a CBR600.
  9. cant go wrong with a 400 if your a bit smaller than average. they're GREAT bikes all round really, its just like riding a 250 that actually has some balls and decent brakes :D i got a 95 XJR400 for $2k from a bloke in QLD which has cost me about $800 to get shmick and ready for the road for my GF.

    for open road riding, i'd go a 600+ any day, but the wee 400s will haul ass through the tight twisties and be much easier/funnera to commute on. with a bit of skill, you'll be able to embarass some big bikes at the mountains fairly easily :LOL:

    theres not a big range in the 500s as far as i know, the only 2 that spring to mind are the GS500 and ER5, i'd go a 400 screamer of either of them any day. 600 sports bikes can be very good value for money too if you look around a bit, late 80s to early 90s should be in your price range.
  10. Yamaha XJR400

    Does anyone know much about these bikes? Were they ever released in Australia. I've done a few net searches but haven't yielded much outside of Japan.

    Anyinformation would be welcome.

  11. Re: Yamaha XJR400

    A lot of the 400s quoted are grey imports, which I didn't think was such a big deal until I asked the local dealer service centre about the cost of servicing. They didn't want to know about it - too much trouble to get parts etc. Not really a great choice for my first bike. Which is mostly the reason why I have decided to scrap that idea and go for a mid 90s 600. Prolly either a yzf600r or cbr600f. Both seem to be available somewhere around the $4500-5000 mark. Now to find one within cooee of me...
  12. Re: Yamaha XJR400

    interesting that, i havn't had any real major troubles with the XJR400. i mean i havn't had to get too technical yet, but oil filter and plugs are EXACTLY the same as on my yzf600r, rear disc is the same as an XJR1300, front discs are the same as FZR600 and there was a couple of other interchangables but i cant remember them. get the right place and its a piece of cake, you just gotta find someone that knows a little more than the parts catalogue tells them.

    but the things are pretty rare i spose so 2nd hand parts could be messy. i do know a wrecker with a pretty much complete XJR400 so i've got all the bits i'll need in the near future :D

    pity your up north there matey, cos it looks like i'll be sellin the YZF soon....