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G'day Netriders

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ryan8806, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. G'day all,

    New to the bike scene and Netrider so look foward to getting out there, learning all I can on my bike and meeting a few of you.

    Got my L's 2 months back and bought a CBR250R

    No images without 5 posts, damn.
  2. gday mate.
    welcome to NR.
    be a good bloke, and fill in the rest of yer profile so we know where to find you, and stalk you, and stuff.
  3. Welcome Aboard Ryan :dance:

    (PS: Joel wasnt joking.. I've had to change phone numbers 3 times already ) :rofl:
  4. welcome ryan and yes this forum is full of information.
    im still finding stuff

    were i live i hear alot of bikes go past and wander if they are from here
  5. Welcome to NR.
    Get set to filter out the half truths, prejudice, lies and bias opinions and you'll have a great time. :grin:
    Post a pic when you can.
  6. Photos below
  7. Welcome Ryan; they sure won't miss you with THAT colour scheme :shock: :LOL:,
  8. not always a fan of purple but that paint looks really good! nice buy
  9. Thanks guys, i'm a huge Holden man and soon as I saw this ve purple colour scheme I had to have it.
  10. OOOOOO, a purple baby blade.. I dont think Ive ever sean 1 of them..

    Ohh yeah, before I forget
  11. be warned, most of this bad info comes from this Paul, so just ignore him and you'll be ok!

    :p :p :p
  12. gday, nice bike and welcome :p
  13. or rather you mean..

    be warned, most of this bad info comes from this Paul [​IMG], so just ignore him and you'll be ok!
    :p :p :p
  14. Welcome [​IMG]
  15. Cheers all,

    With the bright purple you might spot me around.

    Went for first long ride today from Croydon Hills to just past Toolangi and back in a loop which is long for me. Noticing all riding harleys or the sort always put on the 'unfriendly' act...Thought those days were over and no one fears them anymore? Either way I will be checking up on events to catch up with some of you.

  16. :LOL: :grin: I didnt have any 1 NR in mind when I posted the above.
    Just a general warning. :shock: I think I'll leave it at that :wink: