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G'day NetRider!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Shorty-, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. #1 Shorty-, Sep 1, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2016
    Hello I'm Shorty from the north shore of Sydney.

    I'm new to riding and netrider although I've been stalking the forums for awhile. Have learnt alot from it.

    I got my L's a year ago but at Christmas after washing my brothers xvs650 I borrowed to learn on I thought breaking my foot with the bike in the water filled oil patch I washed it in would be a fun idea. Turns out its not...

    I started riding again a few weeks ago (on the never to be washed again xvs650) and am doing my MOST test in a few weeks, so am trying to get as much practice in first.

    I may come to one of the learner sessions if I get time as they sound really good.

    I look forward to getting to know you all and riding!

    Shorty Out.
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  2. Welcome Shorty-Shorty-
    Hell of an intro to riding.
    Good luck with the test.
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  3. Ouch, that suck balls.... welcome aboard
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  4. welcome aboard Shorty-Shorty-

    good luck for the test
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  5. Welcome to round two, Shorty, and to Netrider!
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  6. Welcome to the forum mate
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  7. Be a hell of a feat for a new rider passing the most on a v star... Best of luck mate. And welcome aboard
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  8. clean bikes are over-rated. Welcome!
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  9. Hey everyone, thanks for the warm welcomes. :)

    Steve VtecSteve Vtec I've booked one of the vtr250's for the test, but I will be practicing the manoeuvres on the v star, if this rain ever stops.
  10. Don't not go to the learner session location Shorty-Shorty- just cause you can't make it on a Saturday. The test course is painted on the road, so it's worth while just getting there to practice.
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  11. Welcome mate :cool:
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  12. Thanks cool jesuscool jesus I didn't think of that, i'm watching some videos on youtube of the learner sessions right now and can see all the painted lines and stuff. Good tip.

    hey 69SIM69SIM
  13. Welcome to the Forum Shorty. The Homebush sessions are a great way to get some tips and meet some fellow riders so make some time and get along. Also keep an eye out in the NSW ride thread for group rides that happen regularly.
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  14. Welcome
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  15. Welcome to NR Shorty-Shorty- . Safe travels.
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  16. gday Shorty-Shorty- and welcome to NR, hope your future adventures are safer and more enjoyable!
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  17. Howdy & welcome Shorty-Shorty- :)
    Good luck for your exam!
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  18. Welcome ShortyShorty!

    Good luck with the practice & test.

    When you get a bike don't forget the accessories (y)

    ! Crutches007.
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