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G'day NetRider from Sredd/Schteve

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Sredd, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Geday everyone. This is my "new to me" ride CBF1000F. Runs really sweetly but she is a bit quiet !!. My previous bike was a GPz900r which I loved but I wanted a better riding position - more upright and less trauma to my wrists. I think the CBF fits the bill.
    Cheers Sredd

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  2. Welcome to the forum Sredd, I moved your post to a thread of its own as we generally like each new member to have Welcome thread of their own. Not a big issue. I see you are a Victorian, if you are in Melbourne then uncle greguncle greg 's Epic Saturday ride is a good one to catch up with other riders. Alternatively PompyPompy starts a Sunday ride in Lang Lang details in the Weekly Sunday Sessions ride thread. Both pf those are in Ride Announcements Vic.
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  3. welcome aboard SreddSredd :)
  4. Welcome to the forum mate
  5. Welcome mate :cool:
  6. That 1000f is a classy machine, hugely underrated, in my opinion. And welcome to Netrider..
  7. gday SchteveSchteve and welcome to NR - there are a few honda fanboys here, I reckon they are a bit of alright (the hondas not the fanboys) - lol.

    I'm sure Steve VtecSteve Vtec will be around shortly to ogle your cbf.
  8. Welcome mate. Beautiful bike. For those of us who can't afford a tuono, the Honda does just fine ;-)
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  9. Hi Netriders, My first road bike was a Honda CBX750 - what a beast of a bike - Rode it down the Great Ocean road with a pillion. It was a beast of a bike but my first real road bike.
  10. Welcome mat rolled out to you @shredd. You'll find plenty of wonderful but bags down south :)
    Happy riding and lurking on NR!
  11. Welcome to NR
  12. Thanks for the welcomes. Learning my way around this web site.
  13. Welcome to NR. Nice riding position and plenty of torque on the Honda.
  14. So, I live in Melbourne - well a little bit out actually at the foot of the Dandenong Ranges ( Melbourne people would call it the sticks) I live at the begining of some great motorcycle roads that lead to some great motorcycle destinations. I haven't told you anything that you didn't already know Hey ! But it has done nothing but rain since I got the CBF - I did manage a ride but not a long one - To top that my wife had an accident last Friday afternoon - She is OK - our car was hit from behind by a Nissan Patrol which has written our car off. So So So inconvenient. All of which has taken the focus off the bike - So pretty desperate for a ride.
  15. Yes I am enjoying the riding position - my previous ride was a GPz900 which was a real nut crusher. The power is very even with the CBF whereas the GPz would go sick.