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G'day! Need help with choosing a ssport bikes! gixxer, r6 or daytona

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by LPlater, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone. i recently came off from a ninja 650. looking forward to get a real super sportie.
    kinda into gixxers as they got nice head light! 750 is a lil outa budget so thinking of getting one of these:
    daytona 675, gixxer 600 or R6. i dont like zx6r and the cbr =[

    got around 11k to spend atm (inc. insurance cost)
    what are the pros and cons? have you had any 2 of those and what do you recon? :(

    much thanks!

  2. I looked at the R6, GSXR 600, Daytona 675 and CBR 600
    Finally settling on the 2011 GSXR 600
    Some reasoning behind it.
    CBR just didn't feel right when I sat on it.
    The Daytona seating position i found quite aggressive and it felt like I was getting prepped for prison sex. Most Daytona riders are used to that position anyway.
    The R6 was definite consideration especially if a lot of track days were going to be involved.
    But the 2011 GSXR was updated from the 2007 - 2010 models. Approx 8kg lighter, distance between rider and bars a fraction shorter. The lowest seat height out of the 600's, Brembo brake calipers. A good bike for road and track.
    I rode the R6 and then the GSXR. The GSXR seem to be a better fit for me.
    I still get a grin every time I ride it and have no regrets.

    Plus owning one pisses people off.

    Hope this helps.
    If you want anymore info in the GSXR drop me a line
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  3. Geeze theres been a few of these threads lately. What type of riding are u honestly going to do with it.

    For comfort the gixer, cbr and 636 are supposed to be good.

    For pure bred hooning the r6 and 675 are great.

    I know nothing about the 600 kwak

    Google 2012 supersport shoot out (or appropriate year in your budget) and you'll find lots of articles and videos.

    That might help you short list a couple then go do some test rides if possible but if your buying second and just got your fulls it can be hard.
  4. Geez, you must know some cranky people. :)

    I wish you much joy of your new machine.
  5. Gixxer 600 2010-2011 model
  6. The most cranky are on here
  7. Some big differences between the 2010 and 2011.
    (See above)
  8. The Daytona consistently reviews well as being a sporty that works on the road, Ninja 636 also getting the same reputation.
  9. I was under the impression the 2011 didn't change from 2010 model due to low 2010 sales or something similar.
    Mind, this could have been confined to the 1000cc
  10. Aah yes you may be correct there.
    My info was relating to the 600cc GSXR
    Sorry for any confusion
  11. any particular reason for that:LOL:
  12. why doesn't people like gixxers? i like the head light:woot: does that make me a douchebag
  13. Usually a deep seated jealousy, a need to impress their friends by buying more expensive bikes and a small penis.

    Check out the 2011 Gixxer 600 I think you will be impressed.
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  14. From another thread, credit to Justin Stacks:

  15. Bring the hate
  16. lol I don't care one way or another about gixxahs dude! Just stirring the pot haha
  17. Monsieur is so skilled and experienced...
  18. so what year is your Daytona ?
  19. Geez. Just test ride all the bikes you think you like then buy the one you like the most.