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G'day ladies and gents

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by nice2Bnaked, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. G'day all!
    Everywhere I go bikers are always referring to this Netrider thing... I finally got a computer hooked up and Im on it. What a lot of information! The site is great... Its my first real session on here, and its into its 5th hour.... (I lost my liscence so I got a lot of spare time)
    A bit about me...
    I own a HONDA SPADA 250... (or three.) I have them all in a million peices ath the moment. I have three cos i was working as a courier on them (bulletproof engine, cheap to repair, hard to crash, cheap to run) so one was working and the other two i just cannabilised for their guts. Im going to build just one nice one, and am looking to plonk in the RVF400 mill in the frame, with a lot of engineering ect. Or an 500 single (ive seen it done.) Currently working on a '93 CBR600f2 streetfighter, with the theme of If it cant be polished, its black... Will post pictures soon (when I work out how)
    Dream bike.... ZX9 turbo streetfighter maybe? I love my nakeds. Bikes are like girls... Nice when you first meet 'em, but even more fun with their clothes off!
    Anyway, those of you with you liscences... Choose where you want to be silly. Its definately not worth 12 seconds of thrill for 12 months of hell... Or is it? Keep it rubber side down.

  2. welcome to the forums n2bn

    so is honda your bike of choice?
  3. hondas are easy to pull apart, as apposed to the rest of the big four. I love em all though. Hondas are bulletproof and basic, but i'd like a kwaka just becouse theyres not as many around. Everyone is ridng rr's, r1's and gixxers, but when do you see a greeny? Im on a budget, so the only thing I get done at the mechanics is tyre changes.
  4. Welcome :).
  5. welcome 2 nr
  6. Welcome :)
    Do you do this? (not for kiddies or workplaces :wink: :wink: )
  7. hi and welcome...
    great pick pinkxie