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G'day, I'm new

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by bot_edward, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. Good morning fellas.

    I've been referenced to this forum multiple times and thought I may as well bite the bullet and join :)

    I'm a motorcycle enthusiast and was a daily commuter for the first 2 years of obtaining my license, unfortunately due to financial situations I had to sell my bikes and am now currently bikeless (have been for over 18 months! :eek: ).
    On the way to put funds away for some more 2 wheeled madness.
  2. Welcome to NR! We all drift in and out of vehicles over time. As long as the fire still burns inside, we all manage to find our way back.
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  3. Don't you worry, i've been spending every waking minute thinking about the next bike!

    After I buy my gf her car (existing one is pretty clapped out) and pay for a trip to bali for her birthday I will get to go bike shopping!
    It's been too long....
  4. Welcome, after hanging here for a day or two you'll be well and truly fast tracking your finances for a new bike :cool:
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  5. Welcome to the group mate :)
  6. WOW, she doesn't want much then :D:D
    no just taking the piss mate,

    welcome to NR bot_edwardbot_edward
  7. Welcome to NR bot_edwardbot_edward. With your backyard it's a sin to be bikeless for too long (well, maybe not at the moment!)

    It should be "after I buy my GF her car and pay for a trip to Bali for her birthday, she will buy me a bike and gear and whatever else I might need to get back into riding"

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  8. Welcome! I'm new to NR as well. Just bought a bike a couple and a half months ago after about 35 years of not riding ;)
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  9. And this is coming from a lady, so you know that it's a fair and equitable comment.
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  10. Just sounded a bit too high maintenance to me, but everyone's situation is different I guess, who am I to judge...
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  11. Welcome, anticipating one......
  12. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. If she is a good woman, she is worth the wait for the next bike. We will wait and see what bike you end up with.
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  13. welcome aboard :)

  14. Haha unfortunately we use her current car to get to and from work as we both work within the city so the car is partially for me.
    As for the bali thing, she's been obsessed with going there for ages and I can't think of anything else for her bday (sshh! don't tell her that :p).
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  15. Welcome to the forum mate.

    Do what you have to do to feed the addiction.
  16. Welcome to NR..
  17. Welcome. I did the same thing several years ago. Mrs needed an automatic car and I had a manual and a bike. The bike lost temporarily but I'm back in the saddle now. Hopefully it won't be long for you too!
  18. gday bot_edwardbot_edward welcome to NR - I won't add to the grief the other folk have given you ;). best advice I can give you is to always keep the woman in your life happy and you will be the king!
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  19. happy wife happy life lmao

    Also, if I spend the money on her it's a good excuse to fork out on some decent wheels for myself, get a nice roadie and even a nice 2smoker road trail for the weekends?! ;)
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