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Gday im new to the scene, and would like some clarification.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by richard_mmmm, Mar 19, 2005.

  1. Hi all, I have just decided to get back into riding angain (used to ride alot when younger but havn't for afew years and untill not have never held a bike licence for the road)
    I have a gold licence for cars and am 24 years old, how long do i need to hold a licence for before I can legally ride an unrestricted bike?

    Also I want to get either an R1 or cbr1000rr, I have not ridden for years so I am under no illusions that I am a great rider on the road, what should I get as a first bike? (was thinking CBR250r, don't want too small a bike, physically, as I am pretty big at almost 100kg) and how long should I wait before getting the R1 etc?

    I know It comes down to experiance etc (but i am hoping it comes back to me quickly).

    Thank you in advance.

  2. gday richard,

    As far as i know, if your in QLD you can start on whatever the hell bike you want i think. If your in NSW or VIC you'd be restricted for atleast 15 months (L's for atleast 3 and P's for 12).

    In NSW theres a scheme called LAMS ( Learner approved motorcycle scheme ) :D that allows you to ride certain machines above 250cc.

    The first bike question come up alot on these forums, and the answer is usually the same. Sit on as many bikes as you can, and test ride as many as you can before making any choices. You're the bloke whos shelling out the dollars, and you're the bloke who has to live with the bike.

    My advice, get something that'll keep you happy till your off your restrictions, if they apply.
  3. g'day richo and welcome

    as for info what goose said :D
  4. oop's forgot aout the most important peice of info, I am in NSW, but due to my job I could change my licence to almost any other state except WA, if i needed to.
  5. It's all getting too technical for me now :? . Best call the RTA and ask them the story. You might be able to ride unrestricted in NSW with a QLD license, but then again you might not, if they judge it on your place of residence. Phone call to the RTA is the way to go, or some of the other members might be more knowledgable about this.

    In short... I dunno :D
  6. I got told that in NSW if you're over a certain age and have had your car licence for a certain time you only need to ride a smaller bike for 3 months then it's unrestricted?? I don't know if that's accurate or not.
  7. in NSW you can ride a Ducati 620 Monster on your L's & P's
  8. You have to hold a learners lisence for minimum 3 months then P's for 12 months.
    So at least 15 months.

    RTA info here

    Mature riders over 30 are exempt from the restrictions.

    If you can get a QLD lisence you can do the Qride course and then ride anything, but I dont know how you would go with insurance and stuff.

    In NSW you arent restricted to 250's, theres a lot of 600's you can ride also, which would be the best for you. A CBR250 would not be a great bike for you.

    Any bike with LAM on its rego sticker is ok on your L's and P's.
  9. yeah, i don't want to waste alot of money on my first bike, as I do not intend to keep it for any longer than is possible, and am not sure what the resale value will be!
  10. your best bet for an open bike license is QLD IMO. Get your learners (written test only - 5 questions), A one day q-ride test, and your'e on your opens (if you have held a car licence for 3 years (including P's)). You don't need to wait between your learners and q-ride. If you think you can pass the test, you could do it the next day.

    I think you are limited to BAC 0.0 and no pillion for the first year, and you can't teach someone else to ride (QLD) for a year, and can't teach them to ride while you are a pillion for two years.