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G'day guys

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ozzyal, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. just a quick note to say G'day . I've read the forum a few times n thought I'd better sign up . too bloody cold to ride so I thought this would help with the withdrawal symptoms

  2. Welcome to NR! (y)

    Too bloody cold? Funny, I dont feel the cold when I'm on the bike! :)

    Get some thermals, you'll be all right. There's nothing like a nice ride on a chilly morning to awaken your mind, body and soul! :D
  3. lol , used to ride all year round many years ago , getting soft in my old age
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  4. We're all getting there! Good to have you on board!
  5. lol , used to ride all year round many years ago , getting soft in my old age
  6. Welcome to the warm embrace!

  7. Hi and welcome to NR
  8. Welcome!
  9. Welcome.

    Try thermals, various neck scarf products, more thermals, 2 pairs of gloves (one of them merino)
    , heated handgrips and then add some fast twisty induced adrenaline and you won't feel a thing.
  10. Welcome :)

    I found for cold hands just grabbing a pair of those cotton gloves you find in the cleaning section and wearing them under leather gloves works a treat.
    Oxford chillout balaclava for the breeze up the helmet and motocross socks combat the chill on the lower leg.

    Though an adrenaline rush sounds better (y)