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G'day gang

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Hairy Bob, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. Well .. g'day gang. Hairy Bob here sending a big hello from the Gold Coast. Just bought a new 2016 XVS650 Classic on Monday, and I have to say what a quality looking bit of gear she is. It's EXACTLY 33 klms from the Yamaha dealer to my place ... I know that coz that's the k's on my odometer !!! :D Yep .. that's right, she's brand spanking new and hopefully this crap weather they're promising us will hold off just long enough for me to get up early tomorrow ( Saturday ) and get a bit of a ride in to start running her in before it settles in ... fingers crossed.
    I'm looking forward to interacting with you fellow forumers . I was on a forum with my previous bike, and found it a bit of a hoot sharing a bit of friendly banter and sharing a bit of info about the bike etc.
    Look forward to hearing from some of you good people.
    In the mean time, take care and ride safe.
    Best regards.
    Hairy Bob :cool: .

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  3. Nice choice Hairy BobHairy Bob
    Great bike for a beginner.

    Lots of cruisers out there for the future, if you decide this is the style of bike for you.
  4. gday Hairy BobHairy Bob and welcome to NR - congrats on the brand new bike, a wet weekend will give you time to search the net for the inevitably blingy bits you'll have on your shopping list - V&H short shot pipes will go very nice on your yammie!

  5. Welcome to the forum mate. Would love to know what the inspiration was behind your Netrider name.
  6. Welcome Mr H.Bob :cool:
  7. Welcome to NR... Nice bike there..

  8. welcome aboard :) Nice ride
  9. Hello and welcome Hairy Bob :p
    Congrats on the brand new machine.
  10. Welcome!
    Ill have a go.... Bald or shaved noggin and everybody calls you Robert?
  11. :p:D;) ... Love it !!! Thanks for the welcome guys. Now don't you guys go worrying yerselves about ol Hairy Bob okay. I'd hate to think you were losing any sleep over me or anything. So just to clarify something , just because I've just bought the Black Pony brand spanking new, don't you go thinking I'm a novice rider okay !! Not that there is anything wrong with of course .. we were all there once hey. Nahh .. one of my best adventures on a motorcycle was back in the mid 80's .. I rode a Honda XL 600R from Perth W.A. to Coffs Harbour N.S.W. Yep .. that's right, a bloody chookchaser, right across this beautiful country of ours. I got a mate to weld up and rig up surfboard racks on the side for me ( Damn .. I knew I should have patented them !! ). Man I got to surfing spots that guys guys in 4WDS couldn't get to.
    I'm starting to waffle now, after a few beers :p:p:p .. but I did manage to get that ride in this morning . For those of you that know this area at all, I had a nice little cruise up Springbrook mountain, along through through Numinbah Valley, across the border down to Murrwillubah , then back up over Tomewin mountain .. just to start breaking the pony in. and just to show you I'm not bullshitting you, here's a photo just along from Crystal Creek ...
  12. Righto ... I give up ... how do you attach a bloody photo ??? :confused:
  13. You need to post a certain number of posts before you get the option. Think it's either 4 or 10 posts? Not sure.
  14. you need a minimum number of posts before you can put up pics
  15. Shouldn't you be sleeping now? I'm watching f1 qualy
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  16. hahaha yeah you're probably right I have about 50yrs of beauty sleep to catch up on, just watching Mission Impossible Rogue Nation while checking out youtube, ebay and NR - multitasking!
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  17. Shouldn't you guys be sleeping? And Bob, in case you didn't know, you need a minimum number of posts before you put up a photo, I think 1000.....
  18. Welcome to the nut house Hairy BobHairy Bob from a fellow gold coastian!! :D(y)
    Many awesome places to ride and looks like you've already ridden them.

    Once you're able to, put your bike and piccies on the showcase item so everyone can drool over your new lady.

    Might see you round the GC (once I get back).... :)
  19. Hahh grasshopper ... that explains why I couldn't find the " attach " key :rolleyes:
    Well, the crap weather that they promised has arrived, so I'm glad I managed to get that bit of a ride in yesterday.
  20. Hey there chilliman64.
    Well, you were right Amigo ... with this crap weather. I've been surfing ... on line :D:D:D, and scored a few REALLY good deals mate. I've ordered a sissy bar with luggage rack, saddlebag supports an engine bars ... and all get delivered to my door ... How jolly civilized is that ol bean ;)