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G'Day from Western Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by knucklehead, May 24, 2015.

  1. Hey Guys

    Knucklehead here(Brad for short)

    Rode bikes from a very young age but gave up after a pretty severe accident on the back of a mates dirt bike however I've started seeing and watching a few Motovlogs on YouTube and i just got the urge to get back on the horse (so to speak) so i recently decided after a 7 year hiatus it is time.

    Started off getting a 2013 YZ450 a few months ago to get re acquainted with 2 wheels and now that i'm feeling comfortable on that I'm looking to take the plunge and get out on the roads although will probably wait until after September when i turn 25 and won't have to hold my provisional license for as long

    Now i know this is a welcome post so please put me in place if i need to adjust but i was also looking for some opinions

    for my LAMs bike i was looking at either the Yamaha XJ6NL or the Honda CB500F any thoughts or advice?

    looking forward to the countless hours lost rummaging through the forums

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  2. G'day Brad, welcome to NR. It's good that you're back on your own two wheels after an accident.

    As you might guess from my username, I own a 2013 Yamaha XJ6NL. You can message me for my thoughts about (overall I'm very pleased with it) and also search for or post a thread in the Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions section.
  3. welcome aboard Brad :]
  4. wait to get L's? or P1? no need methinks.. I read the below to mean "after having P1 for a year, if you are 25, then you can skip P2 and apply for full licence.. so if you were 23 and 9 months, by the time you apply for P2/full, you'd be 25 and can skip P2 :)

    If you’re over 25
    If you’re 25 or over, you may be exempt from the P2 licence stage.
    To qualify for the exemption, you must:
    -Be 25 or older when you apply for the full rider licence
    -Hold a current Australian full driver licence
    -Have completed at least 12 months on your P1 rider licence

    both are good bikes :) try them both and see which is more comfortable
  5. Aww yeah I see what you mean thanks for picking that up. That means I can get on the road a lot sooner than I thought................I like you already lol
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  6. Welcome. Lots of good advice around here re bikes. There is a section in the forums regarding bike suggestions that you should pay a visit.
  7. Thanks for the welcome guys!

    I'm having loads of fun and learning heaps going through some of the old posts

    I think i'm gonna like it here :)
  8. Hello and welcome :) Both of the bikes you are considering are great LAMS bikes. Go and sit on them both and see how you feel to start with, and see what other bikes might wink at you and say hello. You never know ;)
  9. welcome bud, Also from western syd, Ditch the road bikes and go with a supermoto...best of both worlds :D

    Join the dark side.... We have jackets hahaha
  10. Ha speaking of another bike winking at me i saw someone mention the Kawasaki ER6NL and hmmmm wink wink haha
    Thanks for the welcome

    Funny thing is i didn't know anything about Supermoto before i got back on the YZ a few months back had i of know i probably would have picked up a WR and converted it myself.............Goddammit!!!!!!

    Although once i get a commuter (which is why i'm going down the road bike path) i may just trade the YZ in for a WR and go Supermoto....there is hope for me yet haha :blackalien:
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  11. BAH, your a blue blood? ewwwww ahaha. Nah nothing wrong with yamies. My mate rides a WR450 SM and another a DRZSM. Honestly KTM/husky's are better (only becuase i have one hahha)

    oh well, just wait, the 2016 WR's are coming out with YZ motor configurations and improvements, should be awsome fun in SM trim :p