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gday from the west

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Turtl3, Sep 12, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    My names Tim, the netrider community has a great looking site full of info that im looking forward to taking full advantage of :cool:.

    I currently dont own a bike atm but will be purchasing another one soon enough for my proposed trip, either from Bunbury to Mackay, or Mackay to Bunbury (maybe even both).

    The wife told me i need to go and do something i would love to do...find myself, aslong as i dont kill myself doing it lol.

    my first registered road bike was a hyosung gt250r, then i got a wr450f, then an fz1n. before the sung i had numerous old farm hacks...peewee50's through to 500's and even an old atc90.

    i was planning on getting a cruiser for the next bike, something like an mmm109r boulevard, but now im tossing up between adv tourers and sports tourers for the trip.

    looking forward to picking the brains of the more experienced and weathered riders.

    stay safe, see u out there
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  2. gday Turtl3Turtl3 / Tim and welcome to NR - sounds like a great trip
  3. welcome aboard :)

    Sounds like an epic in the making :)
  4. Howdy and welcome to NR. Sounds like you have an adventure in the making! Good luck choosing a bike. Always such a dilemma. :happy:
  5. welcome to Netrider Tim....enjoy your bike shopping :)
  6. Welcome to the forum mate
  7. Welcome to NR from Adelaide
  8. Welcome to the nut house!
  9. Welcome to NR

  10. Hello and welcome to the forums Tim. Can't wait for the write up and photos of your trip. What an adventure! May I add too that you've got a very understanding and wise wife!

    Happy bike shopping! I'm a new rider and haven't done long distance trips or ridden a cruiser. Hopefully others with more experience chip in here (Rus LerRus Ler, I'm looking at you). But I'd be a bit concerned with a feet forward riding position and a low clearance of a cruiser for a long trip. Especially if you are contemplating including few dirt roads. Another thing to consider with feet forward riding position is your lower back adsorbing every single bump on the road. Cannot imagine this being helpful on a long trip.

    As I have said, I haven't ridden one, so cannot really comment, but I'd choose either adventure or sports tourer, depending how much "adventure" you want to plan for your trip. In any case I'm sure it will be Epic!
  11. G'day Turtl3Turtl3, the M109 is a fairly large bike and you can be a bit stretched out depending on you hight, I have a C50T which is very comfortable on long trips, the M has a more sports suspension. Take everything you can for a test ride to see what suits
  12. Welcome mate :cool:
  13. Welcome to NR. For that sort of trip I'd seriously reconsider the idea of a cruiser, look more at full dress tourers, sport tourers or adventure style bikes, that's some serious mileage and about the only cruisers I'd recommend for that would be the Victory Cross Country Tour or the Indian Roadmaster, both have cruise control, all the electronic wizardry and better suspension and handling than the vast majority of cruisers.
  15. Hi mate
    I would recommend an Adventure bike.
    Ive owned sports bikes, Sports tourers, and 3 Ad Bikes, and i find them to be the most comfortable, fastest, & most versitile bikes. And being able to ride dirt roads with ease adds to there appeal.