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G'day from the South West

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rus Ler, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. Just joined up, back on a bike after more than 20 years, rode dirt bikes a lot in my 20's, now getting too old to be bouncing off trees and rocks, etc. so I got Suzuki Boulevard C50T 12 months ago. I'm on a dairy farm in South West Victoria so I can't get away much but have just joined the local bike club fot day rides

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  2. Howdy and welcome Rus LerRus Ler and clever name by the way :D. Beautiful country out there. I grew up in Penshurst. I hear you about getting too old to be bouncing off trees and rocks, but my former rides don't have an on off switch, are a bit higher that a dirt bike and like to think it's funny to run off with my hat.
  3. Welcome to NR! Nice bike you have there.
  4. welcome back aboard :]
  5. Welcome to the forum !
  6. Welcome to NR...
  7. Thanks for the welcome, sorry for the late reply as I have been away on holidays, went on a cruise to Vanuatu, only dropped off humanitarian aid, , wasnt allowed off the ship, a lot of rooves off and trees stripped, a blanket of smoke as they are burning the downed trees. Golden berri, been there too, rode horses alot when I was younger, go through Penshurst quite a bit as I have a sister living there.
  8. Hey there Rus LerRus Ler and welcome back! I still get down to Port Campbell and surrounds quite a bit but haven't been to Penshurst for a while. Sorry to hear about your trip. Nothing left to do but get on the bike and enjoy the last of the good weather!
  9. Do quite a few rides out GOR on hot days, always a bit cooler. Knew before we left that we couldn't disembark at Vanuatu but some of the crew could to have breakfast with their families so it wasn't a total loss. Also went to Nuemea- not very impressed by it, and Lafou which was picture postcard perfect and at least I got a holiday as being on a dairy farm by myself time off is fairly limited
  10. Yikes running a working farm on your own is hard! But little sympathy from here on as you have the GOR at your doorstep. Jealous! :)
  11. Yes it's hard work but when the kids had things on at school and such I could usually juggle time so I could make it, sometimes its good to be the king :) the best thing is I walk outside and I'm at work, the worst thing is I walk outside and I'm at work. At least I don't have traffic to contend with
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  12. True about the traffic, but it does make riding life interesting. And I like it almost as much as the country roads.

    I hope you're reading lots of useful stuff to keep the shiny side up! :happy:
  13. As much as I can, out in the rain this morning was interesting after a long dry spell, roads fairly greasy so just took it easy, don't want to end up in the gutter just yet
  14. You got rain??!!! Send some our way!! We are in serious strife and I'll be paying a fortune for feed again for my 3 horses this winter. Nothing but dry dusty paddocks here. :(
  15. Not much, just enough to get you quite wet, had no decent rain since October so we're a tad dry too, got a green tinge and getting ready to sow pasture seed, so hopefully we will get an autumn break soon. Been buying in a lot of feed also, certainly eats into the budget
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  16. That's a bother. But we don't even have a green tinge and I can see feed prices hitting top dollar again soon. Gosh I hope we do get a break soon.
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  17. Going to cost me around $20,000 extra this year for feed but at least its available to buy unlike the last drought we had here, but thems the breaks you get for living the relaxed rural lifestyle
  18. We tend to run out of accessible local hay, so I'd better get on to it, otherwise I'll be trucking it in from the east. My horses are wondering where there grass has gone and have learned to open gates so I'm having to use chain and shackles on every accessible gate!
  19. Another reason to ride a bike, it usually stays where you leave it.
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  20. I once described horse riding like sitting on something with the flight instincts of a mythical fairy. I've had my fair share of ending up in interesting places without any cue what so ever. A bike is much more obedient.