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NSW G'day from the South Coast NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Gravel, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. G`day all ,
    Gravel here (rob) been riding since i was 5 thats a long long time ago ,started first on a Honda MR50 Never had a year with out a bike ,,, Grew up Georges hall now down the coast in nowra ,,, yell out say gda if your in the area ,,, will help i i can if you stuff up ,,
    Be cool Grav , :happy:

  2. G'day Gravel! Welcome
    Would love to seem some photos of some of the bikes you've had throughout the years!
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  3. welcome aboard :)
  4. Welcome to the forum mate
  5. gday Rob / GravelGravel and welcome to NR - what are you riding at the moment?
  6. Welcome from Wollongong. I took the liberty of editing your thread title down to lower case....
  7. hornethornet, that was a bit rash, wasn't it? to moderate GravelGravel's opening post... think about it*...

    *(hint: gravel rash)
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  8. No it's ok I was wearing all the gear at the time..... :happy:
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  9. moderation in ATGATT and ATGATT in moderation - I like it!
  10. I've learned to practice moderation in all things......
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  11. Don't they say that moderation is good in all things, including moderation... That's how I justify eating seconds for dessert anyway!

    Welcome to Crazytown GravelGravel!!!!!!!
  12. well our man hornethornet is the 'Moderate Moderator' - I wonder if that means he is the median? who then are the extreme moderators, ie, the 'super-cool, chilled out, live-and-let-live-I-never-moderate-anyone moderator' and the 'that-sentence-is-grammatically-incorrect, someone's-gonna-pay-for-that-moderator'... I guess I will soon find out... :emoji_anguished:
  13. Yes most of us fall somewhere in between ;)

    Welcome to the forum GravelGravel
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  14. Just finished a 93 FLSTCH softail ,,, started a s a frame ,, now all regoe 13876198_10208928906213457_2109337605362722880_n. d
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  15. no worries , my lap top and eyes are getting old ,,,, Thanks for that ,,
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  16. Thanks This is where bike life started back way back , My old little Mr50 11261712_10206692737710642_7678468323433293320_n.
  17. Thanks buddy ,,,, Just retired so can spend more time playing bikes and 4x4 ,,, I do tunes for land rover discovery D2`s ,,
    This is the old RF900 I resurrected after finding it in a shed abused 20141207_094625.
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  18. I will add some more as my data allowance lets me buddy still on adsl here ,,
    Here is my good old GS450 ,,,, was a good bike got me to work for years ,,, Oh the name ,,,, GRAVEL

    The old dirt bike days ,,, its where i would end up most weekends ,,, a mate from school named me gravel rash in the 70`s it stuck ,,,, 20140727_100850.
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